CS Access is proud to offer a large line of Stannah products to all our customers in Malaysia.

Why Choose Stannah?

Stannah, a British company that has been in business for over 150 years

Since the 19th century, Stannah have become a name that is well known worldwide, being synonymous with quality craftmanship and reliability.

For five generations, Stannah has been a family-run business, with their business being improving your mobility.

Stannah only delivers the highest quality mobility products to our customers and follow that up with superior service after the sale, which is part of the reason why there are more Stannah mobility products installed around the world than any other brand.

The Stannah family name is boldly stamped on every product we sell and that name is one you can rely on for all your mobility needs. Stannah sells mobility products in over 40 countries, and has been chosen by more than 600,000 customers who trust our commitment to quality.

Broad Range of Mobility Products

Stannah specializes in restoring the mobility and independence of our customers by designing the safest, most effective, space efficient, and reliable residential elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stairlift systems, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Moreover, beyond simply restoring your freedom and mobility, the members of the Stannah company all have the safety of everyone in mind, specializing in ensuring you have peace of mind. The safety of every person using our lifts as well as everyone around them is of paramount concern to us.

Safety & Quality


OHSAS 18001 Certification

All the work done by our company stringently meets or exceeds OHSAS 18001 standards (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), which is the gold standard of all safety standards.

RoSPA Recognition

In addition, all our practices, systems and equipment have been recognized again and again, for years by the RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). This level of attention to safety assures you that no one is ever at risk during the installation — a sign of our dedication to safety.


Compact & Flexible

We also design all our products to be very compact and flexible, so they can fit into virtually any site in your home; our products can be installed in very tight spaces and in many custom configurations, which will help you stay mobile your home.



Our skilled, courteous professionals are also trained to complete the installation in the least amount of time while doing the best job possible. In short, if you have a mobility challenge, Stannah can meet that challenge if anyone can.

Stannah is always striving to improve. Therefore, we employ a Continuous Improvement methodology,  constantly reviewing our products and searching for new ways to improve them.

We Listen To You

We embrace the feedback of all our customers to create even better products and services.

Similarly, we also strive to find new ways to be environmentally friendly, minimizing environmental impacts whenever possible and selecting clean energy and materials when available. We also log all our environmental impacts so that we can learn to mitigate them even more. We at Stannah prefer to eliminate waste rather than dispose of it and we call on our suppliers to do the same.

Stannah now employs over 1500 people and is a leading independent provider of lift products, including escalators, stairlifts, platform wheelchair lifts, and elevator lifts.

Stannah has been chosen by
over 600,000
people for their stairlift requirements

Stannah has made more than 600,000 sales worldwide that helped to restore mobility to those who are disabled and every year we add to that number. This is our goal. To always do the right thing for our customers.

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