Wheelchair Stair Lifts for Home

Sep 13, 2017 | Stairlift | 0 comments

If you use a wheelchair, you know well how formidable an obstacle that a simple set of stairs can be. For people who experience these mobility limitations on a daily basis in their own home, CS Access offers two models of lifts for home use that can help you get past your obstacles while using a wheelchair.

No matter if it is for you or for a loved one, don’t let a staircase get in the way of freedom of mobility in the home: the Logic and the Slim inclined platform lifts are readily available to address your needs.

Inclined Platform Lift for Wheelchairs

A typical stairlift has a chair for you to sit on and ride up and down your stairs, but if you need to ride in your wheelchair, these kind of stairlifts will not work for you. Instead, an inclined platform lift is a great alternative.

The design of our inclined platform lifts is similar to a stairlift, except that the chair is replaced by a special platform that is able to carry a wheelchair and its occupant in total safety.

While it is true that both the Logic and the Slim will work fine on straight or curved stairs, the Logic is usually the best choice for straight stairs and the Slim performs exceptionally well on narrow and curved staircases.

Both lift products have a comprehensive set of safety features and are fully powered by built-in batteries. They are both top quality lifts and will provide years of trouble-free service.

Logic Wheelchair Lift

The Logic is the ideal mobility product for straight indoor or outdoor staircases. The design of the inclined platform lift is so resilient that it can also be used for indoor or outdoor residential, commercial and public buildings.

Traditional elevators are great inside of buildings when you only need to go straight up and down, although such elevators will not help you such as for the outdoors where you need to traverse a set of inclined stairs. For such scenarios, the Logic inclined platform lift will be more suitable.

And, you don’t need to worry about the rain either. The Logic rests on a rust-proof anodized aluminum rail system. Also, the frame, platform and other metal is protected by a durable powder coating that far exceeds the protection offered by regular paint. The wiring, motor and controls are also unaffected by rain or moisture, since they are sealed.


All that engineering is for one simple purpose. It ensures that you can always count on the Logic to get you up and over or back down a staircase safely and reliably.

Moreover, riding it is easy since it is designed to be used without any help from others. Calling it to your location is done by pressing a button on either of the two call stations located at the top and bottom of the stairs.

These lifts fold up into a very compact form when not being used. Unfolding it is as easy as pressing a button.

Once the platform is deployed, you just wheel up onto it. From there you can lower the safety rails and begin riding the lift by using the conveniently located controls. It is all easily achieved via the very simple push-button operation that anyone can master in a few minutes time to gain easy mobility.

Slim Wheelchair Lift

Indoors, things can get a little cramped. Space constraints on narrow curved stairs may make it difficult to install some inclined platform lifts. However, this is where the Slim truly works very well.

The drive unit powered by batteries that is normally built into the lift are moved to the rails with the Slim. In addition, the specially designed slim rails also help to make the Slim your best option in those tight stairways.

Operation is very similar to that of the Logic, so it really is quite simple to use. Thus, no matter the situation, we have the right lift that can provide you with a solution that keeps you mobile and on the move.

You can’t remake the entire world to be convenient for you, but you can engineer freedom in and around your home with the help of CS Access and the lift products we can offer. If you need a mobility professional to visit your home, to do a free site survey and to discuss all your options, contact us now.

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