Straight Stair Lift

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The easiest type of lift to fit on a staircase is a stairlift. All the stairlifts available from CS Access work very well on straight stairs.

Typically, a stairlift for straight stairs can be installed very quickly, sometimes even in just a few hours. This is the case for both indoor and outdoor staircases that don’t curve.

Also, stairlifts have a very affordable price compared to a residential elevator or inclined platform lift. The stairlifts that CS Access offers come standard with excellent safety features, are battery powered and are highly reliable. If you are able to ride a lift in a chair, consider one of the following products to help you move up and down the stairs of your home.

Outdoor Stairlift

Outdoor stairs that come between you and your freedom can be quite daunting.

Rain, wind and other factors can make outdoor stairs much more treacherous than indoor stairs. Struggling and trying to climb slippery stairs in a downpour of rain can be downright dangerous.

CS Access can provide you with a Stannah stairlift model that is specially engineered to endure the abuse of harsh outdoor duty: the Outdoor 320 is a heavy-duty product that can take you up and down your straight outdoor stairs in complete safety.

You will enjoy the one-hand operated controls and the simple, reliable footrest, armrest and seat swivel. The chair is easy to get into and easy to get out of. All you do is sit on it and press one button and your mobility problems are solved.

Battery power is standard on all Stannah stairlifts, so even when bad weather knocks out the electricity supply to your home, you can still come and go as you please on the stairlift.

Other great features include wiring and electrical components that are weather-proof and water-resistant, as well as special coatings on the metal that resist rust and corrosion. The Outdoor 320 is a stalwart companion that will always be there to help you climb your outdoor stairs.

Sadler Stairlift

Indoor Stairlift

All the stairlifts that CS Access offers are capable of working on straight staircases inside your home.

If you want to install a stairlift for especially narrow stairs, the Sadler comes highly recommended.

It is purpose-built to address narrow stairs that other stairlift cannot negotiate, while its stand-up riding position also makes it perfect for people with flexibility and strength issues in their legs.


For the customer who wants it all, the best choices are either the Starla or Siena. The Siena is the best-selling stairlift that CS Access offers.

The Starla is every bit as good, having the most features and custom options available, thus making it the most high-end stairlift available. This includes custom upholstery, many color choices and materials such as practical vinyl, comfortable woven fabrics and even the finest leather coverings.

Options like power seat swivel, power footrest and one-handed seat belt make it very accessible and easy to operate.

Colors available for the Siena stairlift

One Step Folding on the Sofia Stairlift

For those on a budget who want a good reliable lift at a great price, the Solus or Sofia would be a perfect choice. They both have many options you can choose from to create your custom stairlift. The quality and reliability is as good as any other lift in the Stannah line.

The biggest mechanical difference between the Solus and Sofia models, and the more expensive Starla and Sienna are that the latter can carry more weight: the Solus and Sofia can manage weights up to 125 kg, while the lifting capacity of the Solus or Sofia is 140 kg.

Regardless of the stairlift model you choose, you are assured of getting a quality stairlift for your straight stairs at a reasonable price that will last for years and serve you as reliably as the most expensive lifts.

CS Access has stairlift solutions for any kind of staircase, curved or straight. Contact us to find out how to solve the mobility problems you may have at home.

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