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Inclines, such as stairs, can present serious difficulties to elderly or disabled people. If you have a hard time climbing the staircases of your home for any reason, it isn’t the end of the world. All you have to do is install the right chair lift or stairlift to meet your mobility needs, and you won’t need to struggle with a single stair step in your home ever again.

You may have been told that you will need to install an elevator, but that isn’t necessarily true. Elevators are wonderful mobility products, but a stairlift is less expensive and may be able to solve your problems at a much lower cost.

Advantages of Stairlifts

A stairlift is the most basic and least expensive mobility product available to help you on the stairs.

They work wonderfully on straight or curved stairs. They are also the smallest and most compact mobility system available, so installation is less limited by space than other types of lifts.

This is especially true for a stairlift such as the Sadler, which has a design that makes easy work of narrow staircases with tight turns.

Space Saving Sadler Stairlift for Narrow Stairs

Colors Available for the Siena Stairlift

In case you had the impression that riding a stairlift might be a complicated or uncomfortable experience, put those fears to rest.

The Stannah line of stairlifts are very safe, comfortable and easy to control. Even the less expensive models, such as the Solus and Sofia, look great, work smoothly and reliably and are very comfortable.

Furthermore, the top of the line models such as the Starla and Siena take comfort and appearance to a whole other level. They have every imaginable customization, such as custom upholstery, colors, seat width and height choices.

On top of that, there are powered footrests, powered seat swivels and other options you can add on. They are every bit as comfortable as any chair in a high-end salon.

When you are not riding in the lift, they fold away easily and simply by lifting an armrest.

Stairlifts for Outdoors

In the outdoors, a stairlift is particularly handy compared to other lifts. Typically, you are not trying to overcome a straight up vertical distance in the outdoors versus the indoors. For the outdoors, generally speaking, there may be a set of wide, inclined stairs leading up to some higher platform, such as a door step, porch or entry area.

CS Access offers a stairlift that work remarkably well on outside stairs on an incline. The Outdoor 320 is a stairlift that operates in much the same way as the indoor models. This fine lift is suitable for private, public or commercial use. It is also weather-sealed and all the metal is either rust-proof aluminum or has a special coating that is very resistant to rain or salty mist. This is very important in rainy climates or near the sea.

Outdoor 320 Stairlift

If you think you are doomed to struggling with stairs and waiting for help to go up or down a staircase, you aren’t. There is something you can do yourself to fix the problem and CS Access is the company that can help you. You can contact our customer service line at any time to ask about the mobility products and services we offer than can restore your mobility and freedom in your home. We will be most glad to help you.

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