Stairlifts for The Elderly

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As we get older, we usually become frailer, less coordinated and weaker in the legs. Our bones also become weaker, making even a minor fall a major problem. Depending on your condition, climbing stairs can become impossible, or perhaps just dangerous. If the floors in your home has become difficult to navigate due to difficulty getting up and down your stairs, a stairlift can solve these mobility challenges.

Indoor Stairlifts

There are many Stannah stairlifts offered by CS Access, with each one built to address different needs and different customer tastes. Stairlifts are the best choice for elderly people who are having problems climbing the stairs in their home safely.

In the past, maybe you have had to wait for a spouse or a child to have the free time to help you get up or down the stairs. After a while, this will get tiring, more so for you than the person who is helping you. People like to move freely when they need to and this is often impossible if you need help climbing the stairs.

Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you don’t like to move around your home at your whim. In addition, not everyone has or wants a 24/7 caretaker to help them get around. Some people like their privacy and their independence.

Fastening the Seatbelt on a Starla Stairlift

To help you get around your home as easily as possible, CS Access offers stairlifts with comfortable seats such as the Solus, Sofia, Starla and Siena, which have the following features:


Seatbelt is convenient to operate by yourself


Fully-seated position


Customized armrest position during installation


Available in many models to suit any need, any taste and match any home


Folds up easily by lifting the armrest to assume a very narrow form


Manual seat swivel or power seat swivel available (model dependent)


Custom upholstery options to match your home


Manual or optional power footrest available (model dependent)


Designed so that it is unnecessary to bend over to fold/unfold the armrest & footrest


Works well on straight or curved staircases

Swivel Seat on the Sofia Stairlift

Sadler Starlift Alongside Wall-Mounted Controls

And when you prefer a stairlift that does not require you to sit down, particularly if you have poor hip and knee flexibility, we also offer the Sadler stairlift that has the following features:


Forward-tilting seat supports you in a nearly standing position


Seat is non-slip and supports the vast majority of your weight


Great choice for you if you have trouble standing up after sitting in a chair


Perfect for very narrow stairs that are straight or curved

Outdoor Stairlifts

Climbing stairs outside your home can be just as hard as climbing the staircase inside your home. If it is already difficult for you to climb stairs outside your home without help, the stair becoming slick and wet with rain will make it even more difficult unless you have the 320 Outdoor stairlift – it is able to make those trips up and down your outdoor stairs a lot easier and safer.

With the Outdoor stairlift, it will give you the confidence to live alone if you want or move around outside your home without calling for help. Like the indoor models, the Outdoor folds up when not in use. Also, it includes a protective cover to keep it dry, clean and ready for you to ride.

The Outdoor stairlift can be installed on straight or curved rails, and is designed to provide years of trouble-free service in all seasons, no matter the weather. The Outdoor will always get you to and from your front door with no fuss.

All the stairlifts have onboard battery packs that work continuously even during a power outage: they won’t leave you stranded when the power is temporarily cut.

Alternative Lift Solutions

If you use a wheelchair and need the help of someone else to get out of the wheelchair, you can also consider an inclined platform lift such as the Logic or Slim, or a home elevator such as the Midilift, Duo or Trio. With these alternative lift solutions, you will not need to rely on others very much to get you from floor to floor.

Whether you need a stairlift or another lift solution, a CS Access professional will always be on hand to advise you and to do a wonderful install for your choice of lift. Contact us for help in selecting the best lift mobility solution you need.

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