Curved Rail Stairlift

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If you need a stairlift for your home, you may be worried that your curved stairs will limit your choices. However, we have stairlifts that can indeed be installed and used on straight or curved stairs. The same is true for the inclined platform lifts offered by CS Access.

Our experts can install a new stairlift for you on nearly any staircase that exists, be they straight, curved, bent or even very narrow. When you need a curved rail stairlift, you don’t need to search any further than a high quality stairlift made by Stannah.

Stannah Stairlifts

The thing that makes it possible for all the Stannah stairlifts to be installed on nearly any type of curved staircase is the flexible design of their rails.

The modular and slim design of the sections used to form the stairlift rails allows each rail to be custom built on-site to match the stairs in your home. Not only that, it also means that in many cases, the stairlift can be installed and can be ready to use within a few hours after the technicians arrive on site.

Many people believe that our rails mount to the wall of the staircase, and it’s easy to see why. The slim rails used to install your chairlift on curved staircases will be so close to the wall that they seem to be attached there. The truth is, the rails of every stairlift product available from CS Access will solidly attach to a stair step or the floor at the staircase landing. This is much safer than attaching to walls since walls, especially walls made of sheetrock, are not usually able to support much weight.

Your safety is a primary concern for us, so not only will your stairlift work on a curved staircase, but it will be every bit as safe as possible.

Riding a Sadler Stairlift

Indoor Stairlifts for Curved Staircases

All the stairlifts offered by CS Access will work on straight and curved stairs.

There are differences in the various stairlift models that will appeal to customers with different needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the stairlift models available:


Able to fit on narrow stairs and has a special seat for a mostly-standing riding position. Works great for people who have trouble standing again after sitting in a chair or who lack flexibility in their hips and knees. Supports up to 135kg.


Very comfortable with many options for coverings including woven cloth, vinyl and leather in a choice of colors. The width of the seat can be customized as well as the seat height. Supports up to 120kg,


Practical and easy to operate. Options available for cloth, leather and vinyl in a variety of colors. Supports up to 120kg.


An elite stairlift. Choice of wood trims. Coverings include woven, premium leather or vinyl in a wide range of colors. Optional powered footrest and powered seat swivel and choice of colors for the rails. Supports up to 160kg.


Very practical and most popular stairlift. Two choices of seat widths. Vinyl upholstery available in many color choices. Power footrest and power fold/unfold options available. Supports up to 160kg.

All the stairlifts include onboard batteries so that they will continue to work great even during power outages. The design of the controls may vary slightly but they are all intuitive and simple to use. If you can ride one, you can ride them all – it’s that easy.

Outdoor Stairlift For Curved Staircases

The Stannah Outdoor 320 is the choice stairlift for installation and use on curved or straight rails in the outdoors.

For outdoor duty, you need a special kind of stairlift that can shrug off dirt, dust and rain. Thus, the chair and seat back used on the Outdoor are made such that they will not be ruined by the elements. Also, the motor, controls, wiring and electronics are weather-sealed, so the Outdoor 320 can operate in any climate and any weather. And should you want to keep the seat dry and clean, a thick durable cover is also included with the stairlift.

The Outdoor can also be folded up easily by lifting the armrests. This way, you can save space on your stairs when you are not using your stairlift.

The innovative design of Stannah stairlifts makes it possible for any of them to work on straight staircases as well as staircases that curve or bend. Their slim, modular rail design makes it quick and easy for the the stairlift to be installed and ready for your use in no time at all.

Contact us for information about the stairlifts you need for your home’s curved staircases. You can also arrange for a free on-site survey of your curved stairs so that we can help you to decide the best stairlift you need.

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