Chair That Goes Up Stairs

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The idea of a chair that goes up and down stairs to help the injured, disabled or elderly is an old one – stairlifts have a long history that date at least back to King Henry VIII. It is said that he was once injured while joisting and so a chair was devised as a stair climbing aid that used a block and tackle system so that he could be carried up and down the stairs.

Also, during the 1920s and 1930s, many victims of polio were beginning to use more sophisticated but still rudimentary stairlifts to improve quality of life.

Well, stairlifts have come a long way since then and you don’t need to be a king to afford one. With reasonable prices available, many high-quality Stannah stairlifts are available from CS Access.

How Modern Stairlifts Work

Modern stairlifts have several ways of operating, depending on the stairs. A stairlift such as the Outdoor 320 rides on a single rail that is sort of like a track which has gears that engage with the lift to carry people up and down straight stairs while they sit comfortably and safely in a seat.

Curved stairs can be a bit trickier. All the stairlifts available from CS Access can work on straight or curved staircases. The rails used for curved stairs are slim twin rail systems custom built on-site in the home from modular parts. Some sections are curved and others are straight, so a complete system can easily be installed quickly.

Stairlifts such as the Sadler, Siena and the Starla, which are the best for indoor stairs, use these kinds of rails when installed on a staircase with bends and turns.

Using a Sadler Stairlift

Using a Siena Stairlift

What Powers the Stairlifts?

The stairlifts are actually battery powered, even though these batteries get charged from your home electrical system.

As they only require a normal, 13-amp power source, any standard wall electrical outlet near your stairs will suffice – the power from the standard electrical outlets keeps the onboard batteries charged, so the lift will work even during temporary power cuts as it’s the batteries that give the lift the power it needs to climb the stairs.

You will never worry about getting stranded when there is a black out in the middle of a trip.

Who Should Get a Stairlift?

Anyone who has a set of stairs they need to get up or down should take a look at the line of Stannah stair lifts in the CS Access inventory. If you get a new stairlift, it doesn’t mean you are old or weak. It means you are smart enough to understand your limitations and do something to compensate for them.

Buying a lift product is a lot wiser than struggling with dangerous stairs, risking a serious fall or limiting your movement in your own home. The products and services of CS Access are suitable for any disabled, injured or elderly person who would otherwise have limited mobility in homes with stairs.

Fastening the Seatbelt on a Starla Stairlift

A professional consultant from CS Access is always ready and willing to talk with you and discuss your needs. They will also come out to your home if requested and look the area over for free, to tell you what type of lift product would be best for you in your home. Feel free to contact us to find out more about the mobility products and services we offer.

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