Chair Lift For Elderly

Jun 27, 2017 | Stairlift | 0 comments

For elderly people who need to use a stairlift, there are a wide variety of Stannah product models available from CS Access Malaysia to fill the needs and suit the preferences of anyone in virtually any home. The controls of all the available models work pretty much the same and they all have an impressive list of safety features. The entire line of Stannah stairlifts work on straight or curved stairs as well. Also, there are various options and trims available to suit anyone’s budget.

Stairlifts are a particularly attractive option when you don’t need to take a wheelchair or walking frame back and forth between upstairs and downstairs. Also, if your stairs are too narrow for a platform lift or if you don’t want or can’t afford a residential elevator lift, a chair lift is a viable option. The right chair lift can help an elderly or mildly disabled person get back and forth upstairs and downstairs with relative ease and minimal assistance. Many also offer a power seat swivel to help get into and out of wheelchairs easier. In short, a stairlift can restore the freedom, mobility and independence of an elderly person in their own home.

Below are some of the stairlift options offered by CS Access.

Heavy Lifting Stairlifts

The Starla and the Siena are premium stairlifts that have the following features:

Convenient single-handed seatbelt

Able to support 160 kg, the best choice for very large people

Customizable with various upholstery options available

Starla Starlift

Sadler Stairlift

Stairlifts for Narrow Spaces or For People With Poor Knee/Hip Flexibility

The Sadler stairlift’s seat tilts forward and supports you in a mostly standing position. Other features of the Sadler are:

Works exceptionally well on unusually narrow or curved stairs; The seat brings your knees in close so that the stairlift can still travel on narrow stairs

The non-slip seat supports most of your body weight while in transit

The maximum lift capacity of the Sadler is 135 kg

Customizable with various upholstery options available

Medium Weight Capacity Stairlifts

The Solus and Sofia are high quality medium weight capacity stairlifts that feature the following:

Rated for 120 kg carrying capacity

Customizable with various upholstery options available

Sofia Stairlift

320 Outdoor Stairlift

Outdoor Stairlift

The Stannah 320 Outdoor stairlift, which is specially design to be used outside the building, has the following features:

Weather-sealed electronics, controls and motor to ensure reliability in the open air and rain

Wide system operating temperature range

Protective cover keeps the seat dry and ready for use

Special powder-coated frame and anodized aluminum rails are resistant to the elements

All the Stannah line of chair lifts come with premium safety features and are fully battery powered, thus enabling them to work as usual even through extended power outages.

Any one of these will restore a very significant amount of freedom and independence to an elderly person experiencing problems with mobility around their house. Call our company and speak to one of our lift mobility professionals, who can help you to find the best chair lift you need for yourself or your loved ones.

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