Chair Lift for Disabled

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Not everyone who is elderly or disabled has the same degree of disability and not all need wheelchairs or wheelchair lifts. For example, some who can walk relatively well on flat floors may have problems on the stairs. In such cases, installing a chair lift or stairlift in the home makes good sense and will makes life easier by giving freedom of mobility to the disabled in the home.

Stairlift Benefits

Quality of living

A stairlift greatly improves your quality of living by allowing independent and spontaneous mobility in and around your home


Riding a stairlift is much safer than having someone help you climb the stairs or for you to attempt the climb by yourself

Cost savings

You will be able to avoid the hefty costs associated with falls and may even be able to eliminate the help needed from a caregiver

Reduce Stress

Makes it easier for you as well your loved ones when you do not always need to ask for help every time you need to go up and down stairs

Using the Siena Stairlift

Stairlifts For Indoor Use

CS access offers many Stannah stairlift models that work great on both curved stairs and straight staircases.

For installations where space is constricted on narrow staircases, the Sadler is the best choice and oftentimes the only choice. It has a very narrow and compact design that lets you ride it in a well-supported, partially standing position. Thus, it is also a good choice for people who find it difficult to stand up from a sitting position.

For people who want the best lift available or who need a lift that can carry a very heavy passenger safely, the Starla and Siena are great choices. They are both able to carry up to 140 kg from one floor to the next easily and safely. Also, they are very customizable for appearance and have the most options and features available.

If you would like a lift that costs less than the ones mentioned above but has the same great Stannah quality and reliability, the Solus and Sofia are perfect choices. They can both carry passengers up and down their stairs, with a lift capacity of up to 125 kg. They have choices of colors and fabrics available to compliment any décor. Also, there are many options and features available.

Stairlifts for Outdoor Use

The Outdoor 320 is purpose-built for outdoor service and can be installed on straight or curved staircases.

All of its electrical components and wires are sealed to protect against rain, dust and moisture.

Having a good stairlift outside is just as important as inside. Besides being able to carry you up and down your outdoor stairs anytime you like, it is also battery powered just like the indoor models – you will never get stranded outside in the weather due to a power outage.

Swivel Seat on Outdoor 320 Stairlift

Given the choice of selling the house and moving to one without stairs or installing a stairlift, installing a stairlift can be the cheaper and more practical choice, allowing you to stay in the home you love.

To have a mobility professional come to your house to help you decide which products you should install, contact our company’s sales department for a free visit. Our customer service professionals will provide you any information you need about our mobility products and services.

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