Stannah Starla Malaysia

The Starla is our premium in-home stairlift. It possesses our highest rated weight capacity, up to 160 kg, and is excellent for use on curved stairs and straight stairs alike.

Just one look and you can easily see the value that the Starla will bring to you.

The Starla’s custom-fabricated rails attach securely to your steps and flooring; none of the railings associated with the Starla is fastened to the walls of your home.

Among stairlifts, the Starla is supremely elegant. We have partnered with Stannah, a forerunner in the platform lift, stairlift, and home lift market, to make the Starla available in Malaysia at a very competitive price.

Starla Stairlifts

Customized colour options available

Starla chairlifts gives you greater choice

Designed for curved and straight staircases

Highly versatile and can be installed on a huge variety of staircases

Starla Stairlifts

Easy and safe to use

Seatbelt can be fastened with one hand

Remote control

Control at your finger tips

Footrest fold options

No need to bend down to lift or fold the footrest

If you need the best, contact our office about getting the gold standard of in-home stairlifts, the Starla, professionally installed in your home.

Uncompromising Safety

One-Handed Seatbelt

The Starla provides a confident, steady trip each and every time, and its one-hand operated lap belt further guarantees your safety.

Seat Load Sensor

The seat of the Starla has a load sensor embedded in it that prevents the lift from activating.

Built-In Battery Power

No one wants to be stuck mid-stairs during a power outage, or trapped on just one floor. Thus, thanks to the Starla’s built in, constantly charging, battery power pack, you do not ever need to worry when your home’s electrical power supply is interrupted. The Starla will be able to make trip after trip, even during extended power outages.

Safety Edges

Additionally, the built-in safety edges on the Starla automatically and gracefully stop your lift when it comes into contact with any person or object — the safety sensors on the Starla protect your children, and pets from harm, while it protects you.

Loaded with Features

Stay In Control

The intelligently positioned controls of the Starla give you positive control at all times, and starts and stops are well actuated, allowing you to traverse your stairs with composure. In addition, you will never have to worry about where you had last used the Starla, since wall mounted controls upstairs and downstairs are provided for you and will allow you to remotely call the stairlift to your location.

Easy To Unfold

You can unfold the Starla with just one movement to make it ready for action — when you swing either the seat or the armrests down, the footrest will automatically deploy., without requiring you to bend over to position the footrest for your use. You can also opt for a button on the armrest to fold the footrest. 

You will also be able to get on and off of the Starla with ease and be able to transfer yourself between the lift and your wheelchair with confidence as the Starla is equipped with a simple lever-activated chair swivel or an optional push button swivel.

And when you aren’t using it, you can either raise the chair or the armrest and the Starla can be easily collapsed up and against the wall with a single action. This way, you can keep your staircase clear for people to go up and down unimpeded. 

Additional Impressive Features

Controls can be positioned on the left or right armrest

Most customizable lift in the Stannah line

Optional power swivel

Safety harness options available

Highest weight capacity of any of our indoor stairlifts

Can be immobilized with removable key

Optional powered footrest

Unparalleled Elegance

You can clearly see the attention to detail that Stannah had used when crafting their lifts: the Starla stairlift has a great looking, modern design and its utility is matched by their elegance.

Each new Starla can be adorned with our wide range of upholstery options to meet the desires of even the most discerning customer. You can select premium leather, or a comfortable, top-quality fabric option in multiple colors.

Even the color of the rails can be customized to your liking.

Moreover, the slim line railing and compact, folding design allows your home to keep its feeling of openness.

Further enhancing its attractiveness, its appealing frame has a supple covering. When our professionals install the Starla in your home, the armrests and seat height are calibrated perfectly to pamper you in stress-free comfort.

Contact us now to find out more about the Starla stairlift and how to get one installed in your home.

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