Sofia Electric Chair Lift For Stairs Malaysia

The Sofia is suitable for use on curved or straight stairs, with its rails custom-made to attach securely to your floor and stair steps: no support equipment is bolted to your walls. The rail system will be installed by professionals who will respect and treat your home with care.

Developed by Stannah, the industry leader in home elevator and commercial lift market, the Sofia chair lift or stairlift is offered in Malaysia at a competitive price.

Examine the superior design and quality of the Sofia chair lift and contact us to have your own new Sofia delivered and installed for service in your home.

Stannah Sofia Stairlift

Adjustable Armrests

Stannah Sofia Stairlift

Red Woven Model

Exceptionally Safe and Worry Free

Load Sensor

The seat of the Sofia stairlift has a load sensor installed, which immobilizes the lift until you are securely seated to help ensure that the lift will not move until you are ready


The ride quality of the Sofia is gentle and pleasantly steady, while we advise that you use the included single-hand operated lap harness to maximize your safety

Battery Backup

The Sofia will never leave you stranded during a power outage, thanks to its continuously charging, onboard battery bank that enables multiple trips upstairs and downstairs even when the house has no electricity supply

Safety Edges

The safety edges that come standard on the Sofia will stop the lift if it touches any object or person in its path outside your view – this thoughtful safety feature protects you, your children and your pets from accidental harm

Practical and Uncomplicated

One step folding

In just one movement the Sofia swings down, unfolds and is ready for your use when you need it. When you lower either the chair seat or the armrests, the footrest simultaneously swings down into place — you will never have to bend down to adjust the footrests, making the use of the Sofia very convenient for you.

Easy-to-use Swivel Levers

You will be able to effortlessly mount and dismount the Sofia’s seat because it comes complete with a swiveling chair that is controlled via an easy-push lever. A power swivel chair that you activate via a simple switch is also available as an option.

Fold It Out of the Way

And when you are not using your lift, you can quickly fold up the Sofia in a single action and its form will fold up against the wall including its footrest, clearing the way on your staircase and allowing plenty of space on your stairs for others to walk..

Edge Sensors

Sensors along the edge will gently stop the stairlift when there is any obstruction on your stairs

Seat Load Sensor

Another sensor ensures that the stairlift will not move until you are safely seated

We install wall-mounted controls for both upstairs and downstairs, so that you can effortlessly call your stairlift to your current location with the simple push of a button.

The smartly engineered controls of the Sofia ensure that the lift is always under your control at all times and ensures graceful starts and stops, allowing you to ride up and down your stairs with absolute confidence.

Customizable Upholstery Options


Blue Woven

Mustard Woven

Green Woven

Stone Woven

Red Woven


Cream Leather

Cocoa Leather

Black Leather

Oyster Leather

Slate Leather


Lavender Vinyl

Sand Vinyl

Detailed Specifications

Suitable For
  • Straight Stairs
  • Curved Stairs
  • Narrow Stairs
Straight stairs
  • Width: 342mm (folded), 654mm (unfolded)
  • Seat height: 390mm (min), 460mm (max)
  • Maximum load: Maximum one person up to 135kg
Curved stairs
  • Width: 405mm (folded), 679mm (unfolded)
  • Seat height: 525mm
  • Maximum load: Maximum one person up to 135kg


Power Supply A standard electrical outlet will be required for the stairlift, to keep its battery charged
Safety features
  • Single-handed seatbelt
  • Footrest fold button on the armrest (optional) – no need to bend down to fold the footrest
  • Load sensor on the seat to ensure that the stairlift does not move until the passenger is seated
  • Edge sensors that will stop the stairlift when there is an obstruction

Customizable Upholstery & Colors

(Model shown is for Solus for straight stairs)

Leather Upholstery

Black Leather

Cocoa Leather

Cream Leather

Oyster Leather

Slate Leather

Woven Upholstery

Mustard Woven

Green Woven

Stone Woven

Red Woven

Blue Woven

Vinyl Upholstery

Sand Vinyl

Lavender Vinyl

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