Stannah Siena Malaysia

The Stannah Siena is one of our best and most popular in-home stairlifts that boasts a high load capacity.

The workmanship of this stairlift is solid and is compatible for either straight or curved staircase applications.

The Siena’s custom rail system is fabricated on site to accommodate your home and every rail is anchored securely to either a stair step or the floor, ensuring maximum load carrying ability and safety. We never attach load-bearing equipment to walls.

The Siena is a reliable, practical workhorse and is the most popular stairlift for the value conscious customer. Therefore, if you want a great lift, with practical coverings, options, and a high load capability, the Siena certainly stands out as a great choice.

Siena Stairlifts

As Easy As Pie

Getting up & down your stairs easily

Tailored For You

The Siena stairlift can be tailored to your specific needs and taste

Siena Stairlifts

Designed For Curved And Straight Staircases

Highly versatile stairlift that can be installed on a huge variety of staircases

Footrest Fold Options

With Siena, you do not need to bend down to lift the footrest

Siena Stairlifts

Removable Key

Stay safe with a removable key on the Siena stairlift

Impressive Safety Credentials

Seat Load Sensor

The load sensor incorporated into the chair of the Siena ensures that it will not move until you want it to.


The sure-footed feel of the Siena inspires confidence during each trip, with its convenient lap restraint that can be operated with a single hand for additional security.

High Capacity Battery

In the event of a utility interruption, the Siena continues to serve you without pause for many trips, thanks to its high capacity battery reserves.

Safety Edges

And the safety edges employed on the Siena are contact sensitive and will immediately, but gently, stop the lift’s movement when it impacts any obstacle, thus preventing injuries to you or your family.

Feature Rich

It is impressively simple to unfold the Siena — just raise either the armrest or the seat and the footrest moves into position at the same time with no additional effort. You will never need to bend over.

Additionally, the position and design of the Siena’s controls enable you to confidently control your stairlift when you ascend and descend your home’s stairs.

The Siena also eases your transition from wheelchair to lift and from lift to wheelchair via its lever controlled manual seat swivel or, as an option, a power operated seat swivel. For added convenience, you can send the Siena up or down or recall it using the included controllers that are mounted on your walls, both up upstairs and downstairs.

The Siena helps you conserve stair space also.

You only need to lift the Siena’s seat, and it folds away in one deft motion against the railing and out of the walkway so people on the stairs are not blocked.

A not so obvious safety feature of the Siena is its impressive ability to carry even the heaviest passenger safely, which makes it perfect for large men.

Balanced Practicality and Appearance

The Siena stairlift has a functional and well-engineered design as well as a sensibly practical exterior.

The first time you see and use the Siena, you will immediately realize this stairlift is designed for lasting reliability and unparalleled practicality.

The durable vinyl covering has many colors for you to choose from and the rail system also is available in a variety of color choices to create a perfectly matched addition to your home. The height of the seat, as well as the arm rests are custom calibrated to fit you when the stairlift is installed and can later be adjusted if you need.

CS Access is the premier dealer of Stannah mobility products in Malaysia and is ready to send one of our professionals out to install your new Siena. Call now for a free consultation and we will help you to get your own Siena stairlift delivered to your home.

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