Sadler Stand Up Stair Lift Malaysia

The Stannah Sadler is in a class all its own.

Designed specifically for people with limited hip or knee flexibility, or for use on very narrow stairs where a mostly standing position is required, it is easy to see that the Sadler is a real pro on straight, narrow or curved staircases.


The Sadler’s narrow rail assembly is built specifically for your home during installation, with each rail bolted firmly to a stair or secured to your floor, guaranteeing stability and safety.

No inferior rail to wall attachments are ever used.

Sadler Stairlifts

Keep Upright

Unique design helping users maintain a more upright posture


Designed specifically for people with limited flexibility

Tilting Seat

Innovative saddle-style seat lowers and raises with you

Choose Safety

Sensor for Seatbelt

The seatbelt on the Sadler has a built-in sensor that ensures the stairlift remains motionless until the seatbelt is securely fastened.

Great for Narrow Stairs

The semi-standing riding position and the ample footrest of the Sadler allows you to use it in places that are too narrow for most other lifts on the market, while also ensuring that you can easily get on and off the lift. You will never get stuck in your seat due to weakness in your legs.

Battery Powered

The internal batteries of the Sadler make sure that even when power to your home is lost, the Sadler keeps working as usual, even for unusually long blackouts. You will not be stopped mid-trip or limited to a single floor just because of a temporary electricity outage.

Safety Edge Sensors

All Stannah stairlifts employ safety sensors on the lower edges and body of the lift to ensure that if your stairlift comes into contact with a foreign object on the stairs, the lift will stop safely to avoid injuring anyone or damaging anything.

Feature Rich

Easy To Get On & Off

As you never need to sit down completely on the Sadler and as you are always partially standing, the Sadler makes it easy to get back to your feet and moving after using the stairlift.

Easy To Fold & Unfold

In addition, the Sadler has a narrow profile and its rails are also designed for narrow spaces, while its positioning keeps your knees in close, greatly reducing space requirements. You can further reduce the profile of the Sadler by lifting its armrest up, which also folds up the footrest in a single step — no bending at the waist is required, which is very important if your knees and hips have limited mobility. When folded, the Sadler takes up very little space on your stairs.

Easy To Control

The smart placement of the Sadler’s onboard controls ensures it is easy to access and operate: you can call the Sadler to meet you, whether you are upstairs or downstairs, thanks to the wall-mounted push buttons that will be installed on both floors.

Space Saving

You have the option to save space on your stairs also. You only need to lift the Sadler’s seat, folding it away in one smooth motion against the rails and out of the path of people using the stairs when the Sadler is not in operation.

Unique Design For Mobility On Very Narrow Staircases

The Sadler provides in-home mobility service where other stairlifts cannot and comes in an attractive package.

The tilting seat of this chair has a handsome wood trim and is covered in a highly textured, attractive fabric upholstery that ensures you will not slip out of the seat.

Also, the seat height is adjustable, to ensure a correct fit for you.

The ability to use the Sadler in confined staircases is further enhanced by its slim-line twin rail system.

The Sadler will be able to serve you when others cannot due to its highly compact design, and is now available in Malaysia from CS Access.

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