Outdoor Stairlifts Malaysia

The Stannah 320 Outdoor stairlift will provide years of dependable service in a variety of climates, outside your home.

The Outdoor stairlift from Stannah, the leader in elevator, platform lift and stairlift markets, is available from CS Access in Malaysia.

When we install the Outdoor stairlift onto your straight stairs, its rail assembly will be built specifically for your outdoor stairs and can be mounted on a wide variety of surfaces including solid stone, concrete, steel, solid wood, or brick.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Foldaway seat to leave access for others

Outdoor Stairlifts

Designed to work all year round

Safe Outdoor Stairlift

Safe & Easy To Use

The Outdoor stairlift is very safe and easy for you to mount, dismount and control. The included lap belt has a simple and durable design that is easy for you to fasten and release.

Battery Powered

Furthermore, like our other stairlifts, the Outdoor stairlift is equipped with a battery module that is continuously charged, ensuring the lift is always ready for your use and that you will never be stopped by a power outage while traversing your stairs.

Key Lock System

It also includes a key-based locking switch that you can activate to safely immobilize the lift when required; this is an important feature that protects children in the area outside your home.

Safety Edge Sensors

Adding to its safety, the edge sensors will sense contact with any object in the path of the stairlift upon contact and will bring the lift to a soft but quick stop so as to prevent unintentional harm to you or others near you.

Get the energy and confidence you need to move up and downstairs outside your home or other building with the Stannah Outdoor Stairlift – talk to us to find out more

Impressive Features

Swivel Seat

You can operate the swivel seat of the Outdoor lift manually with its conveniently positioned handles on either side of the lift, allowing you to safely and easily mount or dismount the seat with little effort, even when you are transferring to or from a wheelchair.


When you are not using it, you can clear more stair space by lifting the armrest, seat and footrest of the Outdoor stairlift. After you have folded it, the Outdoor stairlift will not take up very much space on your stairs.

Armrest Controls

Once seated, you can activate the lift with a joystick-type control, which can be installed on either the left or right armrest for your convenience. Alternatively, if you prefer push-button controls are also available to control the stairlift.

Summoning Station

The Outdoor stairlift can also be equipped with an optional summoning station that you can use to call the lift up or down the stairs, or to send it to someone else waiting to use it.

Easily Braves the Elements

The Outdoor stairlift and its single straight rail is designed specifically for outdoor use and resists humidity as well as salty air such as what is common near the sea or ocean. In addition, it is able to operate reliably in a wide range of temperatures.

The wiring, motor, controls and other electrical equipment are well sealed, enabling years of trouble-free outdoor use, no matter the weather conditions.

The Outdoor stairlift also includes a thick, durable, weather proof vinyl protective cover that ensures the chair is always clean and dry when you need to use it. You can also choose to install an optional call station, which is well designed for reliable outdoor installation.

Weather-Resistant Qualities

Rain Resistant

Dust Resistant

Protective Covering

Resistant to Heat and Cold

Resistant to Salt Air

Sealed Electronics and Controls

Element Resistant Rail

To get your consultation from a CS Access professional, call us right away so that we can get your new Outdoor stairlift installed for your home now.

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