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CS Access offers the highest quality Stairlifts in Malaysia

We have a wide range of Stairlifts to accommodate your mobility needs in your home, office and any other building.

When you are infirmed, every step up the stairs can be a challenge; we can help you overcome that challenge and keep you mobile

If you do not need to use a inclined platform lift or home elevator, our stairlifts are most likely your best choice.

No matter which stairlifts you choose, you can rest easy that the product you get will be safe and reliable, and will never leave you stranded because our stairlifts run on battery power.

Installation of our Stairlifts in your home is simple and works well on straight or curved stairs. Every new installation makes safety, reliability and ease of service a priority and ensures minimal impact on your home.

The rails we use are slim, strong and hug the walls as closely as possible yet are bolted to the stair steps, the floor, or walls, which makes them very strong and reliable.

All our Stairlifts have convenient, easy-to-use controls on the chair and have remote switches to summon the chair to the floor you are on.

No matter which you choose, you get quality and safety is assured.

Over half a million people around the world have chosen a Stannah stairlift!

Premium, Heavy Duty Stairlifts

Both Solus and the Sofia (SL Series) are our premium Stairlifts offerings. Both have excellent safety features such as a seatbelt, seat load sensor, key-lock to prevent unauthorized use, and safety edges. Both chairs are also equipped with a automatic folding footrest as a standard.

The SL series are very convenient one-handed seatbelt as well.

The Solus and the Sofia can support up to 160kg, thus either of these two would make an excellent choice if you have a bigger body frame.

Key benefits:

Elegant – Includes a chair that can fold flat, thus keeping your staircase clear when it is not in use
Comfortable – Richly upholstered chair with comfy seat and a cushion for your back
Adjustable – The armrests and seat can be adjusted to your personal preferences
Safe – Equipped with sensors, seatbelt and can be controlled using a key

Suitable for:

Curved stairs
Narrow stairs
Straight stairs

Stairlift for Poor Knee or Hip Flexibility

The Sadler Stairlifts is in a class all on its own.

The Sadler has a unique forward tilting narrow chair to assist you in mounting and dismounting the chair if your knees or hips have reduced flexibility. It has a perching seat that is designed to help people who have difficulty getting into or out of the seated position.

The Sadler is particularly well suited for narrow stairs and will work for you where others may not.

And the Sadler doesn’t skimp on safety either: it comes with a one-handed easy-to-use seatbelt, a key-lock, safety edges, and integrated folding arm and footrest so that when you fold up the arm rests, the footrest also folds automatically.

The Sadler is finished with high quality stone woven upholstery, fitted with warm wood trim and is rated for 135kg.


Color options:

For all who have flexibility problems with the back or knees

Key benefits:

Comfortable – Allows you to remain standing, especially when flexibility is a problem for your back or knees

Safety first – Available as an option, the stairlift will only move when the seat-belt is used, ensuring a safe ride up and down the stairs

Suitable for narrow staircases – The Sadler takes up little space thus can be installed and used where your stairs are narrow 

Suitable for:

Curved stairs
Narrow stairs

High Quality, Medium Duty Stairlifts

The Starla and Siena has an array of safety features that include seatbelts, optional automatic footrest fold buttons, seat load sensors that keeps your chair immobilized until you are seated and ready for transport, and safety edges that will immediately stop the chair if it comes into contact with anything or anyone.

In addition, the Starla is the more customizable as it can be fully custom upholstered for you to include a stylish wood trim.

The Starla has additional safety features including a key-lock to prevent unauthorized use, an on/off switch, and a manual or optional powered seat swivel to help you mount or dismount the chair.

The Starla and Sienna are both rated for 120kg with the Starla being more feature rich of the two. If you need a high quality Stairlifts for in home use, either of these is a great choice for you.


Color options:

Customizable and stylish

Key benefits:

Color options available – Match the style of your home by customizing the color of the seat and back

Comfortable – Slightly angled backwards, you get a comfortable ride on the Starla

Easy-to-use footrest – A simple button push will lower the footrest; push the button again and the footrest will be raised and safely stowed away

Safety first – Pressure sensors on the seat ensure that the Starla will not move until you are seated

Suitable for:

Straight stairs
Curved stairs
Narrow stairs

Color options:

Ergonomically designed for all staircases

Key benefits:

Wide arms and seat – The Siena XL model makes for a more comfortable ride, but can be adjusted to the narrow setting prior to installation

Longer armrests – Provide you with solid supports when getting in and out of the chair
Simple easy folding – The footrest folds up with the seat and requires little effort and no bending over at the top of the stairs
Narrow stairs? No problem – the curved seatback- positions the spine closer to the wall, ensuring that your knees don’t stick out as far

Suitable for:

Straight stairs
Curved stairs
Narrow stairs

Stairlift for the Outdoors

Our Outdoor models have all the same features as our indoor models and you will be able to to travel nicely on straight staircases.

To ensure continuous trouble-free operation in the open air, rain and other elements, our Outdoor Stairlifts is weather resistant and can operate in a wide range of temperatures and includes a protective covering to keep it dry and ready for use.

The controls can be configured so that you can use them with either your left or right hand and the seatbelt is simple and convenient to us.

Our Outdoor Stairlifts also has safety edges just like the indoor models, so that the chair will automatically stop if your chair contacts any object along the way. The high quality and weather-resistant durable build of our Outdoor Stairlifts ensures you years of trouble free operation. You cannot find a better Stairlifts for your outdoor straight staircase.


Color option:

New concept stairlifts for people with limited flexibility

Key benefits:

Comfortable, safe, reliable – Ensure external stairs are not an issue again
Weather resistant – Built to withstand heavy rain, dusty wind and salt-laden sea-breezes, operable from 14°F to 105°F. Supplied with a cover to guard against ice and snow
Slim and neat – Designed to fold neatly away when not in use
Securely fastens to stair treads – Including concrete, solid wood, steel or solid stone

Suitable for:

Outdoor stairs

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The line of stairlifts offered by CS Access are among the most trusted, most frequently installed and most positively commented on by customers in the world. They come in a variety of styles and configurations and with options that range from basic to luxuriously appointed.

Though the specifications may vary and the use scenarios may differ, the one thing all our lifts share is the Stannah name. No matter which lift you choose, you can be assured quality and reliability.

Please feel free to contact a CS Access representative today to arrange for our professionals to help you find the right mobility solution for you.

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