Inclined Platform Lift

CS Access offers two types of Stannah inclined platform lifts for our Malaysia customers

Stannah is a world leader in the home mobility market and offers an inclined wheelchair lift to fulfill your unique requirements.

Our incline lifts are a great alternative for you when it is not feasible to install a vertical platform elevator lift.

Slim Inclined Platform Lifts

Wheelchair platform lift for stairs with curves

Logic Inclined Platform Lifts

Wheelchair platform lift for straight stairs

Take a look at our line of incline platform lifts, and give us a call to see how CS Access can help you get the right product for you installed in your home as soon as possible.

Two Options Available

Logic Inclined Platform Lifts

The Logic works like a champion on your straight inclined stairs, inside or outside, in residential, public or commercial buildings.

The construction of the Logic is top-quality and includes anodized aluminum rails for indoor use, and galvanized rails for outdoor use that includes, sealed, air-tight wiring, electronics and power components that are designed to endure outdoor use for years with no problems.

Also, the rail system is modular and can be fitted to your custom application in as little as a few days.  

The Logic’s safety features are uncompromising, and include a fully enclosed safety cage for your wheelchair and automatic opening and closing of the safety bars on the lift.

The Logic has a high load capacity, can accommodate most wheelchairs and has a comprehensive array of safety features that will keep you and everyone around you safe and sound. 

When space is not a constraint and your stairs are straight, the Logic inclined platform lift is the perfect solution to your mobility needs, inside or outside.

Slim Inclined Platform Lifts

The Slim is best suited for tight indoor spaces, narrow staircases and curved stairs.

Most other products on the market in this category have a bulky onboard traction unit that makes the lift wider and heavier, while our Slim is the opposite. This greatly reduces the space needed for the installation of the lift, which makes it able to install and work well where other lifts may not.

The Slim is actually the smallest, most compact inclined platform lift on the market. You will not find a better solution for tight spaces.

Although the Slim is quite compact, that does not mean you cannot be comfortable when using it. The Slim is designed to be very silent as well as comfortable. The Slim also has a clean, smart design that has an unobtrusive form and can blend in with the current decor of your home.

The Slim incline platform lift is also very safe, as are all of our products – it comes equipped with contact sensors and other features needed to keep you and those around you safe at all times during use. The electronics and components are all designed to ensure ease of maintenance, reliability and long life.

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