Trio Lift Malaysia

CS Access proudly presents the Trio lift for our customers in Malaysia.

The Trio is larger than the Duo but still compact, unobtrusive and competitively priced. It is a convenient option compared to a wheelchair platform lift for stairs.

It is also smaller, less expensive and less complicated than other wheelchair lifts and elevators on the market today.

Read on to learn more about the wonderful features of our Trio product line.


The capacity of our Trio home lift is rated for a standard size wheelchair or for up to 3 passengers, being able to traverse 2 floors. It includes two handy wireless calling stations.

Even though the Trio is bigger than the Duo, it is still relatively small. Installation is further simplified due to the lack of a shaft and machine room. The Trio still has big lifting power and is capable of transporting 3 average-sized individuals or a person in a wheelchair.

The Trio possesses a space-conscious design and therefore can be fitted in almost any place in your home.

The low-cost Trio is assembled with care in the UK to guarantee the utmost quality and it is a very functional alternative to platform wheelchair lifts and other more expensive and complicated elevators.

Trio In-Depth


The unique compact, standing dual rail design of the Trio permits it to function in almost any location you desire to place it in.

There isn’t another home wheelchair lift with this design available in Malaysia.

Unique Rail System

The unique rail design doesn’t place stress on your home as it supports itself, which greatly reduces installation time, cost and complexity.

There is also no machine room to worry about and no hydraulics like other products on the market, because it uses a simple, efficient and powerful motor located in the top portion of the lift, making it easier to service.

And all you need to power it is access to a normal 13-amp wall plug; you will not need custom wiring added.

Quick To Install

The Trio lift can be quickly installed and you will not need to make big structural alterations to your home.
When you weigh the price of installing the Trio against the expense of moving to a new home or installing some other type of elevator, the Trio home lift is clearly more economical and will also most likely increase your home’s value

Three Variants to Choose From

Trio Classic

The Trio Classic is bigger and has a higher rated weight capacity than the Duo Classic; however, it is still quite compact and can be fitted nearly anywhere you would want. It is an excellent choice if you use a wheelchair or a walking frame.

Trio Vista

The Trio Vista includes all the Trio Classic features but adds a clear polycarbonate structural panel in the back that gives it a sense of openness and allows you to enjoy the view or the sunlight if a window is nearby. The sidewalls of the Trio Vista’s body are made of a strong, solid material.

Trio Thru Car

You can enter and exit via the back or front of the Trio Thru Car thanks to the dual supporting rails of the home lift which are positioned to on the sides of the trio lift and therefore will not obstruct the front and back of the lift. In addition, the Trio Thru Car retains all the standard features of the Trio Classic.

Safety Features

The Trio has an impressive number of standard safety features.

Battery Powered

The onboard battery will gracefully lower the lift if the power goes out while also keeping your lights on.

Door Sensors

If anyone or anything crosses the optical sensors at the door of the Trio, the elevator stops.

Safety Controls

You have to maintain pressure on the controller during the duration of the ride or the lift will safely stop when the control is released.

Imbalance Detection

If, for any reason, the lift becomes out of balance, the elevator is immobilized, for your protection.

Maximum Speed

Likewise, if you are traveling and the lift exceeds its recommended maximum speed, it will shut down and stop.

Automatic Brake

There is also an automatic brake built into the lift that will stop the lift is cable tension is lost.

Overload Sensor

Furthermore, if the elevator is overloaded, the load sensor will prevent it from ever moving to begin with.

Safety Cut-Off Switch

There is also an emergency safety cut off button located centrally so that anyone may reach it.

Automatically Hole Closure

When the elevator is on the bottom floor, the top floor hole is automatically capped, so there is no dangerous hole to avoid.

Lockable with Removable Key

Finally, the lift can be locked and immobilized with a removable key. The Trio is extremely safe.

Optional Accessories

Fold Away Chair

Full-height upgraded door

UPS battery power capable of multiple trips

Hold rails inside lift

Elevator skin color and finish customization

Interior Telephone – In the very unlikely event that the lift stops while you are travelling in it, help is just a phone call away.

Contact our office now and our professionals will help you to get a Trio lift for your home.

Typical Applications

Standard Retrofit

Your home lift is installed anywhere in your home, such as the bedroom, staircase landing, living room, hallway, etc

Stairwell Void

Your home lift is install in the void space where your staircase is

Cupboard to Cupboard

Your home lift can be installed inside an existing cupboard, great for keeping the lift concealed when not in use


Choose the Thru-Car option for your home lift to be able to enter one side and exit on the other side of the lift

Sloped/Cathedral Ceiling

Your home lift can be installed under your sloped ceiling with a simple modification implemented


Your home lift can also be installed in your garage.


Footprint for the Trio Classic Home Lift

(Click the image to view a larger version)

Footprint for the Trio Thru Car Home Lift

(Click the image to view a larger version)

Trio Home Lift Floor Plan

(Click here to view)

Detailed Specifications

Maximum Load 220 kg / 485 lb / 35 stone
Maximum Travel 3.6 Metres
Configuration Single entry or thru-car (double entry)
Landing Call Stations 2 wireless remote control units with Call/Send functions (3x standard AAA batteries required for each remote control unit)
Operation Hold-to-run controls
Entrance Security Full-height light curtain / motion sensor – optional full height door
Additional Sensors Out-of-balance & overload, overspeed detection and light curtain
Drive Roped drum, braked gear motor drive
Rope Diameter 6mm Galvanized steel rope
Lighting Type 4 x 3w LED downlights
Power Supply 220 – 240v AC | 5 Amps
Maximum Speed 12cm / Second
Installation Typical installation takes two days
Warranty 2 year parts and 1 year labour warranty (one service included)
Compliance European Machinery Directive 2006 / 42 / EC & Australian Standard 1735 Part 15


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