Stannah Midilift Malaysia

If your existing residence or office needs a vertical platform lift elevator installed or if you want to have one included in a new building, the Stannah Midilift is a great choice.

The Stannah Midilift offered by CS Access Malaysia is perfect for domestic, commercial or even public installations.

The Midilift is an exceptionally flexible residential elevator lift since it can be installed inside or outside. In addition, the size of the platform, the shape of the lift and even the travel height and door height have several options to suit most applications.

The Midilift, like all the Stannah mobility products on the market, is extremely safe and reliable. The long experience of Stannah in the lift industry has helped to make their products among the most often installed, safest and most reliable lifts in the world.

Read on to see that the Midilift is the solution you have been searching for.

For Inside Your Building

The Midilift can be installed & used inside the building. Thus, if there are obstructions outside your building, such as other buildings, close property boundaries or other obstacles, you can install the Midilift inside your building.

The Midilift is the largest of the home lifts offered by CS Access and has the highest load capacity as well as the most passenger space.

The Midilift also supports its own weight and thus does not need to be supported by the structure of your house, making it cheaper and faster to install. There is also no need for a separate machine room or an elevator pit or shaft, making it quite a bit more compact than most other comparable lifts on the market.

The life is available in 3 sizes and shapes so that you can more easily fit it into any space you have available. Also, if your second floor has a low ceiling, you can get a half-height door option. That allows the Midilift to be used in buildings that include a mezzanine floor, or in any location where the height of the second floor is restricted.

The Midilift can accommodate any wheelchair and as a lift for those who are disabled. Also, it is great for people who use walking frames or other walking aids or mobility equipment. The high capacity of the Midilift makes it possible for to transport up to 4 adults or a wheelchair and a couple of passengers.

The Stannah Midilift will fit in well to match your building interior’s décor: it has many attractive options for colors and coverings. Moreover, the walls of the elevator can be solid or clear if you prefer an unobstructed view from within and outside the lift.

For Outside Your Building

When space inside your house or other building is at a premium but there is space outside, the Stannah Midilift can be installed against a wall on the outside.

When you install the Midilift outside, it can serve the people inside just as well as if you had gotten the Midilift installed inside the building.

The outdoor variant uses a weather-proof housing that seals out the rain and other outdoor hazards. In addition, the metal is all powder coated, to protect against corrosion or rust.

Once installed, the Midilift will provide years of trouble-free service with low maintenance costs in any weather or climate.


Drive unit can be located in many configurations to make installation more flexible

No pit or shaft required

No drastic structural changes needed and fast to install

Low electricity costs

Inexpensive way to satisfy legal requirements for providing disabled access in the building

Compact compared to other hydraulic drive elevator systems

Battery backup available

Very safe and simple to operate

400 kg lift capacity

Acceptable for home, office or public use

CS Access Malaysia offers the Stannah Midilift elevator for indoor and outdoor use that can accommodate wheelchair and to assist the elderly & disabled.

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