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CS Access offers only the highest quality home lifts in Malaysia

Our line of home lifts present an attractive alternative to stairlifts if you would rather keep your stairs as they are, totally free and clear of obstructions.

They are also a smart alternative to other large, expensive elevators.

We are confident that our home lifts can accommodate all your home mobility needs.

No matter which home lift you choose, you can be sure that the product you get will be safe, inconspicuous and reliable and you will never be stranded because our lifts have sufficient battery backup for elevator lighting and for safely lowering the elevator in the event of an outage.

Installation of our home lifts is simple and requires very little work to your home’s structure.

Have a look at our Midilift, Duo and Trio home lifts, and contact our company office to get your home lift installed by our professionals right away.

Midilift XL

Home lift in glass structure

Duo Classic

Full-Height Home Lift

Trio Classic

Full-Height Home Lift


If you need a versatile four-man vertical lift that can handle heavy-duty use and can be installed and used inside or out your building, you can consider the Stannah Midilift.

The Midilift can handle a mix of adults, wheelchair-bound passengers and disabled individuals using various mobility aids at the same time.

This allows more passengers to share the elevator during a single trip.

In addition, you can also use it for your own home or even in a public or private building: the Midilift would be an excellent addition to any building frequented by people with health or mobility issues, such as a clinic or small hospital.

The Stannah Midilift also offers you the highest weight capacity and the highest passenger capacity of any lift offered by CS Access.

Footprint size of 1210x1410 or 1330x1530 (in milimeters)

Up to 400kg standard load capacity

Available versions:

  • Midilift SL

Duo Lift

The Duo Lift, which can accommodate up to 2 passengers, is our most compact home lift, easiest to install and can be installed almost anywhere in your home.

The Duo can be installed in places in your home where most other elevators could not fit and can be done at a much lower cost than our competitor’s products and in a small fraction of the time.

Although the cost is low compare to others, the quality is not.

Assembled in the UK, the Duo possesses top quality construction and unmatched flexibility of placement in your home.

The Duo is a great alternative to a stairlift, is compact, inconspicuous and so small that it is often easily completely concealed in a closet.

Small 0.62 sq m footprint

Up to 2 passengers

Available versions:

  • Duo Classic
  • Duo Vista
  • Duo Thru Car

Trio Lift

The Trio is also assembled in the UK and is a great alternative to a platform lift, an escalator, stair lift or other larger and high priced elevators.

It is perfect for you if you use a walking frame, a wheel chair or need to lift to 3 people at a time between floors. The generous cab capacity and increased load carrying capability enables the Trio to carry more people or, perhaps more cargo or luggage if that is what you need.

The Trio Home Lift can also be configured in a thru car configuration, for your convenience. It is the only compact home lift on the market that can be installed almost anywhere in your home that has this capability.

The Trio is easily wheelchair accessible and the cab interior is quite spacious. Like the Duo, the Trio is easy to install with minimal impact on your home and can often be done in a single day.

If you need your elevator to accommodate a wheelchair, search no further than the Trio home lift.

Compact 1.25 sq m footprint

Up to 3 passengers or a wheelchair

Available versions:

  • Trio Classic
  • Trio Vista
  • Trio Thru Car

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