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Sep 8, 2017 | Inclined Platform Lift | 0 comments

Inclined platform stairlifts are the best option for the elderly and disabled if you have a disability that makes it necessary for you to ride your stairlift while sitting in a wheelchair. It can be very limiting to you when you always need help from someone every time you want to go up or down a staircase that is inside or outside your home.

CS Access carries two high quality inclined platform lifts that can take help you to easily climb up and down your stairs safely. Either model works very well on a straight or curved staircase, with each having its own unique strengths.

Logic Inclined Platform Lift

The Logic is a wonderful inclined platform wheelchair lift product that is suited to both indoor or outdoor use as well as for public and private applications. The Logic is right at home in an office building, outside a commercial property or inside your house.

The sealed motor, electronics and wiring ensure that rain will never be a problem. Also, the powder-coated metal platform and frame protects against corrosion much better than any regular paint. Even the sturdy rails are made of high quality anodized aluminum.

As with all stairlift products offered by CS Access, the rails for the Logic are secured to the stair steps. This creates a reliable installation with maximum lift capability.

Using the Logic is very intuitive. Anyone can do it with very little instruction. Indoors or outdoors, the procedure is the same. There are two call stations to summon the lift. One is mounted at the top of the stairs and the other at the bottom. You press the summoning button and the lift will come to you.

The Logic also fold up into a compact form to save room on the stairs. To unfold the Logic, you just press a button, and the wheelchair platform will deploy. At this point, you can roll up onto the platform and press a button to lower the safety arms into place. After that, you press and hold the up or down button and the edges of the lift will curl up, to create a sort of cradle so you can’t roll off, for your safety, and the lift carries you either up or down gracefully. It’s as simple as that, and most people can use the lift without any help from others, ensuring maximum freedom of mobility and independence.

Slim Inclined Platform Lift

As with the Logic, the Slim works great on straight or curved stairs. In addition, the Slim really excels on stairs that are narrow or have turns that are too tight for other inclined platform lifts.

The Slim is intended for indoor use. You can install this lift in very narrow spaces because its motor, which would add to its width, is mounted on the lift rails instead of on the lift. That way, the platform can fit closer to the wall.

Operating the Slim is the same as operating the Logic in most respects, so it is just as easy to use. Also, if someone else needs to use your lift without a wheelchair, they can ride in the fold-down chair.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about power outages. Both inclned platform lift solutions are battery powered, so you can make many trips up and down your staircase even when bad weather knocks out your power.

The inclined platform lifts available from CS Access is a solution that can set you free around your home again, to move about independently.

To find out more about how our lift mobility products can set you free at home, please contact our professional consultants to schedule a free home visit and site survey, and to advise you on the best solution you need.

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