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Aug 25, 2017 | Inclined Platform Lift | 0 comments

When you have full mobility and no disability, you may not think about or even notice how difficult the stairs can potentially be; the staircase leading up to the door of your home seems like no obstacle at all. However, if you are in a wheelchair, all those things are not only noticed but you will also view them as barriers, especially if you do not have an outdoor inclined platform lift to help you and your wheelchair climb up and down the stairs.

If you own a home with stairs leading up from the road, there is nothing better to assist your mobility than an outdoor inclined platform lift. The same is true if you own a commercial or public building that needs to be accessible by disabled people in wheelchairs; the law may even require you to provide such wheelchair accessibility.

Outside Your Home

There are situations where vertical platform elevators can be an outstanding mobility solution. However, when there is a set of stairs between you and your home and you use a wheelchair, no other outdoor mobility product can compare to the Logic inclined platform lift.

The best thing about the Logic is that you never need to leave your wheelchair. Moreover, you can operate the lift by yourself, allowing you to stay independent.

The Logic inclined platform lift can get you up and down your outdoor stairs in complete safety and is super reliable. The full on-board battery ensures you will never be stranded. Also, the powder coated metal, sealed electronics, drive motor and controls guarantee you years of low maintenance for outdoor service in any climate or weather.

Even someone not in a wheelchair can also ride the Logic, either standing or sitting in its fold-down chair. This makes the Logic a very complete mobility solution for outdoor use.

Commercial and Public Access

It makes good sense to enable access to your business or public buildings to the disabled that use wheelchairs. Most businesses would more than make up for the cost of a wheelchair-friendly platform lift in added revenue. However, even when you can’t see the economic advantages, there are often legal obligations that require you to facilitate wheelchair accessibility to your public building.

If the current building structure forbids it, building wheelchair ramps may be out of the question. However, attaching an inclined platform lift like the Logic to your existing outdoor stairs can often be the most practical and economic solution to comply with access requirements.

Advantages of the Logic

Very Versatile

Can carry a disabled passenger who is sitting, standing or riding in a wheelchair

Increases Safety

Helps the disabled & elderly climb the stairs safely


Reliable mobility, battery-powered system

Increases Independence

Can be operated by the rider with no help needed from others


Effortlessly folds into compact narrow form with push of a button

CS Access offers a complete line of mobility products to enable access to your home, commercial and public buildings. When you are need to retrofit your home, business or other public building to be wheelchair accessible, the Logic inclined platform lift is often the most practical and economic solution.

For more information about the Logic and any of the lift solutions offered by CS Access, please contact our friendly consultants. We can arrange for a free site survey and give you suggestions and options to choose from that will suit your needs.

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