Vertical Platform Lift

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CS Access offers a variety of vertical platform lifts, which are also known as home lifts or residential elevators. Our vertical platform lifts work like most other elevators and are made for residential as well as for commercial use, particularly for our Midilift. In addition, our Duo and Trio lifts don’t require an elevator shaft or separate machine room: their design is very compact compared to what you find in most commercial buildings.

Mobility Solution

Some people are fine with a chair lift or an inclined platform lift. However, depending on the severity of your disability, you may need a mobility solution that can handle a wheelchair or can move more than one person using a mix of mobility aids. And this is where the vertical platform lift can help.

When you have a business or a home that is often visited by people with ranges of disabilities, nothing provides a more comprehensive mobility solution than a vertical platform lift. Some can handle people who are standing or sitting, in wheelchairs or using walking frames or canes. 


The vertical platform lifts offered by CS Access can free you up from having to rely on others to move around your home.

Let’s face it; even the most dedicated caretaker isn’t going to be available every time you decide to go upstairs or downstairs.

The Duo, Trio and Midilift home lifts will take you between any two floors in your home at your whim and on your schedule, without relying on others.

These home lifts offer reliability and quality, and includes these features:

Comprehensive safety to protect passengers and people in the area

Full battery backup available

Call stations at the top and bottom floors

Thoughtfully located and easy-to-operate controls

Customizable with many options and choice of doors to match your home or building

Home Lift for 1 to 4 passengers and Wheelchair

The Midilift is the largest vertical platform lift that CS Access currently offers. It uses a very powerful and well-proven type of compact hydraulic drive system. The drive unit can be positioned in several configurations to make installation easier.

The platform has several size and shape options to better match any building or home you want it installed in. If your top floor ceiling is low compared to your bottom floor ceiling, such as when there is a mezzanine level, the Midilift is available with a half-height door option.

The Midilift is a fantastic solution when you need to carry up to 4 people in your lift, or to carry people using a mix of mobility equipment, such as a walking frame and a wheelchair

With this spacious vertical platform lift, you will not have to take turns going up and down, you can go together. Also, if you have a building that must comply with accessibility regulations for the disabled, the Midilift can provide a very cost-effective way to comply with those regulations.

In addition, the Midilift is can also be placed against an outdoor wall, on the outside or exterior of your building, while providing service to people inside your building. It is fully enclosed and rated to operate in all weather and every season. This is a very attractive solution when space inside the structure is limited, since with the Midilift on the outside, there is no impact on space inside the building at all.

Home Lift for 1 to 3 Passengers or a Wheelchair

The Trio is a compact vertical platform lift that can be installed in almost any space in your house.

It uses a powerful electric motor that can get its power from any normal electrical wall outlet, so wiring costs can be minimized.

The twin beam rail system fully supports the Trio and is positioned on either side of the lift, allowing the front and back of the lift to be used as an entrance or exit.

This is a very important feature that allows the Trio to be configured next to walls, lofts and balconies.

Since the Trio is self-supporting, the impact on your home is very small, making it inexpensive to install compared to other lifts.

The Trio is the smallest vertical platform elevator CS Access offers that is spacious enough to accommodate your wheelchair. It can handle a person in a wheelchair, a person using a walking frame or up to 3 people.

It is also a very future-proof solution if you can walk around on flat surfaces today, but can’t easily climb stairs and feel that you may need a wheelchair or walking frame in the future. An elevator that can handle such a need like the Trio assures you of your continued uninterrupted independence as you get older or face injury or illness.

Home Lift for 1 to 2 Passengers

Some homes may have very tightly winding staircases that defy the installation of most stairlifts, or perhaps you just prefer a vertical lift that can be completely hidden in something as small as a closet.

Either way, the Duo is a high-quality, extremely compact and discreet vertical platform lift that may be just what you need.

The Duo can carry two people in the standing position or one person sitting in its fold-down chair.

If you install the Duo Vista version with its clear polycarbonate body panels, you can position the lift in plain sight and it’s hardly noticeable. Also, it has many of the same conveniences of the Trio, including a dual entry/exit Thru-Car variant.

You can count on the Duo to get you between the floors of your house reliably and in complete safety without your ever having to climb a single stair for years to come.

Independence With a Home Lift

Vertical platform lifts don’t simply provide mobility solutions in your home; they also provide independence for you even if you must use a wheelchair and can’t leave the chair on your own easily. Most people want to live as free and independent as they can for as long as they can, while minimizing their dependence on others.

As such, a vertical platform lift from CS Access can make this possible for most people with mobility challenges. Contact CS Access by email, chat or phone to find out more about the lift mobility solutions available.

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