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When you have mobility problems in your own home because you are elderly or have a disability, by far the most convenient and future-proof mobility product is a residential lift elevator. A small elevator for your house can continue to be used even when loss of mobility becomes progressively more severe.

For example, if you are elderly today you may be fine on a stairlift or even an escalator. What about tomorrow, when you find you will need to use a wheelchair? Elevators can carry you when you have minor difficulties with stairs and can still walk, and they will also continue to serve you equally well if you later need walking aides or even a wheelchair.

Types of Small Elevators

CS Access offers three different home lifts that can be installed in a house that has limited space.

Two of the lifts are very small and compact products, while the third is a bigger lift that still most suitable for small spaces.

The three models are the Duo, Trio and Midilift and all of them are suitable for installation in a small building or where space is at a premium.

The size of each and the cost varies as well as the scenarios you will need each model for.

Duo Home Lift

The Duo is a very small elevator and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. What makes this possible is its free standing, compact design that either eliminates or integrates bulky components of other larger lifts. 

As the Duo is the most compact lift of its kind, it is very discrete, takes up very little floor space and can even be installed in a small room such as a closet. There is no machine room, shaft or pit requirement for the Duo.

It is also all-electric, with the drive unit located in the top of the elevator, allowing maintenance requirements to be infrequent and inexpensive, and installation a breeze. 

The Duo can carry two adults at the same time standing or one person sitting in its fold out chair. This home lift elevator is the smallest CS Access offers and is a great choice if you can walk but simply have difficult climbing stairs.

Trio Home Lift

The Trio is another top-quality offering from CS Access and has most of the same compact design features of the Duo. The important difference between the Duo and the Trio is that the Trio is a bit larger and has enough space to accommodate a wheelchair. You can use it standing, sitting or riding in your wheelchair. 

Thus, this means that although you can walk now, even if your current mobility limitations worsen with age, you are still going to be able to get around and should never need to install another new lift.

The Trio can carry three standing adults between the floors of your home, or 1 person using a walking frame, wheelchair or other form of mobility aid. 

Both the Duo and the Trio include a very complete assortment of safety features, like all products available from CS Access, so you can rest assured that even though the lift is compact and the cost relatively low, the product is extremely sound and will be for many years to come.

Midilift Home Lift

Technically speaking, the Midilift isn’t all that small. It can carry 4 adults and a very heavy load. Also, it is so sturdy and reliable that it is even suitable for public duty where it would see daily heavy use. 

The Midilift can easily move you back and forth between different floors in your home, even if you are in a wheelchair and have another passenger in the lift with you. This is the largest residential elevator available from CS Access.

However, it is worth mentioning that even though it is the biggest elevator compared to the smaller elevators like the Duo and Trio, it can actually take up the least amount of space inside your home.

With the Midilift, you can have it installed outside your home or other building, against a wall where people inside your home can access the lift and use it to travel between the floors of your home. Since it can be situated totally outside your home, it will have no impact on the space inside your home, thus allowing it to be included as a small elevator mobility solution.

When you are elderly or have a disability, a residential lift elevator is the absolute best mobility solution there is. Other options, such as stairlifts are very nice and cost less, but if you want the best and to not ever need to upgrade, nothing beats the flexibility and independence of mobility that small home lifts offered by CS Access can offer you. To find out more about the mobility solutions that you can get installed for you, contact us and one of our mobility professionals will help you find the solution that suits your needs and your budget.

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