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If you have problems getting up and down your stairs, you might prefer a vertical lift over a stairlift or an inclined platform lift. CS Access has several home lift systems that can get you up and down your stairs at home in absolute safety and convenience.

Our lift products also work equally well in public and commercial buildings, with reliable elevators made by Stannah, a globally-respected company for designing and manufacturing quality lifts. No matter your mobility problem, CS Access can provide a variety of lift system solutions for you to choose from.

Why Choose a Home Lift?

The main reason to choose a vertical elevator or home lift over a stairlift is to accommodate a wheelchair or multiple passengers at a time. Even if you don’t use a wheelchair, a home lift is usually more convenient to use than a stairlift. Home lift models available include the Duo, Trio and Midilift.

The Duo is a very nice, extremely compact lift that can carry up to two standing adults simultaneously. So, when you don’t need to transport a wheelchair, the Duo is a great choice. And with its highly compact design, you can install it in any small space you like, even inside a closet or in the space at the center of curved staircases.

Duo Home Lift

Trio Home Lift

If you do need to travel up and down your stairs in a wheelchair, the Trio and Midilift are excellent home lifts.

The Trio is the smallest vertical home lift that CS Access offers that can carry a passenger in a wheelchair.

It can also carry up to three standing adults.

You might install the Trio so that you can use it with your wheelchair, or even to you to help move heavy things between floors.

Things like luggage, heavy bags and laundry will be much easier to manage for anyone who lives in the same home as you, making it safer for them to do so than to lug the heavy stuff up the stairs.

The Midilift is a high-capacity residential lift , being able to carry up to four adults at the same time. If you or others in your home use a walking frame or use a wheelchair, the Midilift can handle your needs with no problem.

The Midilift is very compact compared to its competition, and can be installed completely indoors.

Moreover, the Midilift also has an attractive outdoor installation option: it can be installed outside, next to a wall of your home yet will be able to provide service to the indoors.

This way, you can have an elevator that will not use up any precious space inside your home.

For a home with more than one elderly person, especially if they use wheelchairs and other mobility aides, the Midilift is the choice that does it all.

Midilift Home Lift

The home lift systems that CS Access can provide are able to solve the mobility challenges of anyone, including the elderly and disabled. Beyond that, they are also a convenient addition to your home that everyone will appreciate and use from time to time.

For more information about home lifts and other mobility products and services that we offer, contact our friendly consultants so that we can help you get the solution you need quickly.

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