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If your home or other building, public or private, has one or more people who need help with mobility because they cannot easily climb the stairs, an elevator platform lift can be a big help. Lifts that include a platform, such as vertical platform lifts and inclined platform lifts, are great because they can usually handle anyone’s mobility needs, even elderly or disabled passengers using a wheelchair. CS Access of Malaysia offers several Stannah residential elevator products that are very effective mobility solutions for nearly any person who need help to climb the stairs.

Inclined Platform Lifts

When you have trouble getting up and down your stairs in your house, a stairlift with a chair you can sit on while you traverse your staircase will be very convenient. A stairlift can restore a great deal of mobility to most elderly people who can still walk but just need a little help with the stairs.

However, some people may either need or want more than a stairlift. Thus, the next option will be the inclined platform lift. This type of mobility product travels along a rail system on your staircase much like a stairlift, but it has a platform that is long and wide enough to carry you while you are sitting in your wheelchair. As it can also be used by anyone else who isn’t in a wheelchair, it is a very good option for any building that has residents with diverse mobility requirements.

Slim Inclined Platform Lift

Logic Inclined Platform Lift

Two inclined platform lift options are available that will work in most situations: the Logic and the Slim.

The Logic is a top-quality lift that you can install for indoor or outdoor use. Its durable, weather-proof design makes it a perfect solution for outdoor applications, but it is also a heavy duty lift that also makes it suitable for use inside residential or public buildings.

The Slim has a more compact rail and platform design that makes it fit more easily in cramped indoor staircases that has space constraints and tight curves where the Logic might not be able to work.

Both the Logic and the Slim are very safe and easy to operate, are battery powered and can provide reliable service to elderly or disabled people who are using a wheelchair or sitting in the optional flip-down seat on the lift.

Vertical Platform Lifts

The line of home elevators available from CS Access includes both pure electric and compact hydraulic types.

The two that are pure electric, the Duo and the Trio, have a very compact, free-standing form and can be installed almost anywhere in your home.

The Duo is so compact that it could fit completely into a small closet. If you want a small vertical platform that can carry two people standing or that one person can ride sitting in the fold-out chair, this is the one you should get.

However, if you need to be able to ride the lift in your wheelchair, the Trio is the smallest home lift that will cover your needs. It has the same basic design as the Duo but is slightly larger so that you can ride in it in your wheelchair or while using a walking frame. The Trio can also carry up to three standing adults between two floors in your home.


The hydraulic lift version available is the Midilift. It can carry you in a wheelchair or while using any other mobility aid as well.

It is also a very high capacity residential lift and can carry up to four adults between the floors of your house, and has a variant that can be installed outdoors, against the side of your house so that it doesn’t take up any indoor space while allowing everyone to access the lift from the inside.

In this configuration, there is a door inside your home on the wall that allows anyone who is elderly or disabled to use the lift.

The controls on all lifts are placed so that in almost all cases any disabled person can use the lift without the help of others, which greatly enhances independence.

If there are people in your home with different degrees of disability,CS Access has a platform lift model that can accommodate your requirements. If you need help getting a mobility solution that will best suit your needs, contact CS Access and a mobility professional will help you to figure out which is the best solution for your home.

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