Lift Devices for Handicapped

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Disabilities come in many forms, from mild to severely limiting. Some are permanent and others are temporary and can be worked through. Either way, having the proper type of lift will help you deal with your disability more effectively.

Types of lifts include vertical lifts or elevators, stairlifts, and inclined platform lifts. Some types like vertical lifts and inclined platform lifts can accommodate wheelchairs and walking frames.

Lift devices for handicapped people are important to help a patient restore as much mobility as possible long term. Thus, CS Access offers many products that can help transport the handicapped between floors of their home, especially when they are no longer able to climb stairs without aid, thereby improving mobility and quality of life.

Types of Lifts


An electrically powered device with a chair attached that can carry a person up and down a staircase in safety while they sit in the seat.

Home Lifts

A home or residential lift is a type of vertical platform elevator that can support more than one passenger and even accommodate a wheelchair or other mobility equipment used by disabled people.

Inclined Platform Lifts

Similar to a stairlift, except instead of having a chair that a person sits in, it has a platform that can carry you in your wheelchair up and down a staircase.

Slim Inclined Platform Lift on Curved Stairs

Lifts for Stairs

When you need a lift that can help you get up and down your stairs, a new lift from CS Access can help make your life easier at home. If you do not use a wheelchair, either the Stannah Starla or Siena stairlift will work well for you. They are very easy to ride especially if you can sit and stand on your own – the stairlift will provide you excellent mobility.

On the other hand, if you need to travel with your wheelchair, an inclined platform lift is your best option. CS Access offers the Logic and Slim inclined platform lifts that are reliable, safe and easy to use without help from others. The Logic is also especially well-suited for outdoor needs.

Vertical Home Elevators

If there is something about your stairs that prevents the installation of a stairlift, or if you simply would rather have a vertical platform lift, CS Access has several models available. A home lift such as the Trio or Midilift makes it particularly easy for you to go back and forth between the floors of you home unaided, even in a wheelchair.

Of course, this also makes things much easier for a caregiver or other person who may otherwise need to help you. The Midilift is particularly special since it can be installed outdoors while still providing service indoors. It can even be installed in public buildings.

Home lifts are the ultimate mobility solution, especially if you use a wheelchair.

Midilift Home Lift

For any challenge you may face, CS Access offers a lift mobility product to assist you and to help improve your mobility in your own home. Please feel free to contact our professional consultants if you need more information, or if you want to schedule a free home survey.

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