Electric Platform Lift

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When you need to be able to get around in a house or other building with stairs in a wheelchair, an electric platform lift is usually the best solution. Platform lifts are very versatile and can work for anyone with any kind of disability with or without a wheelchair.

When you add a new vertical or inclined platform lift to your home, you will make it more accessible and safer for everyone. CS Access can deliver many different sizes and styles of platform lifts to help you and others get around effortlessly in your home, office building or other public facility.

Horizontal Distance

There are two distinctly different scenarios that determine the type of platform lift equipment you will need.

If you need to overcome horizontal as well as vertical distance while riding in a wheelchair, such as on a staircase, you will need an inclined platform lift like the Logic or Slim, which are particular good for when there is no way to position a vertical lift in the building.

The inclined platform lifts offered are capable of handling straight or curved staircases.

For utility outside the building, the Logic is the best choice, as it is made to be weather-proof. Inside your home, the Logic works equally well.

Logic Inclined Platform Lift

Slim Inclined Platform Lift

If your indoor stairs are very narrow, the Slim inclined platform lift is your best choice. It can do anything the Logic can do for you.

The main difference is that the drive unit is offloaded from the platform to make it as narrow and compact as possible and its rails are of a more compact design.

Also, both the Logic and the Slim fold up closely against the side of your stairs to assume an unobtrusive form when not being used, so your stairs are able to remain clear for others to use without obstruction.

Both the Logic and Slim series are reliable high-quality lifts that will provide you years of service. Which one you decide to get depends on your intended application.

Vertical Distance

Often you can position a lift so that it will have direct access to two floors of a building. If the path to the lift is unobstructed so that a person in a wheelchair can easily access it, a vertical elevator is clearly the most versatile type of lift, which comes in three flavors: the Duo, Trio and Midilift.

The Duo is a great electric platform lift and is an excellent choice when you don’t want to install a stairlift and don’t need one that needs to accommodate a wheelchair.

It is the most compact lift of its kind, allowing you to install it virtually anywhere in your home. It can also carry two adult passengers at once, which is an advantage over a stairlift or inclined platform lift.

When you need a vertical platform lift that can work well as a wheelchair lift, the Trio and Midilift are both fine choices.

Duo Home Lift

Trio Home Lift

The Trio is an all-electric lift that is very compact and can carry up to three adult passengers standing, a passenger in a wheelchair, or a passenger using a walking frame.

For most people, this is the best choice of home lift when you consider cost and benefit.

Midilift Home Lift

When you do need a home lift that can carry up to four adults, a wheelchair user or passengers that use walking frames and other mobility devices, the Midilift is the ultimate hydraulic home lift.

Also, if you just don’t want a lift taking up space in your home, the Midilift can be installed against the side of your home on the outside, yet remain fully accessible from inside the home.

Therefore, the Stannah Midilift can take up even less space in the home than the Duo or even a stairlift.

This makes for a very clean and uncluttered appearance that doesn’t diminish your home’s décor at all: you will only see the lift when you need to use it, and yet it is the largest and most powerful lift that is capable of lifting 400 kg.

A quality electric platform lift can lend a hand to any elderly or disabled person, in or out of a wheelchair. That is what makes them such a universal solution. To find out more about the mobility products and services that CS Access can offer you, please contact us to arrange for a free survey of your home or office.

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