1-Man Lift

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If you are elderly or have any degree of disability that interferes with your ability to climb the stairs in your home, you are probably considering a lift to help you regain that mobility. There are many types of lifts that can work for you, but if you want the least expensive or smallest lift, a 1-man lift is probably your best option.

Stannah is a mobility company that got its start long ago making cranes and hoists. Later they applied what they had learned to the personal mobility industry and became the leader in residential stairlifts and platform lifts for elderly and disabled people worldwide. CS Access offers Stannah stairlifts, inclined platform lifts and vertical platform lifts in small sizes suitable for use as a 1-man lift.

Smallest 1-Man Lift

The simplest, most affordable and smallest lifts CS Access can provide are stairlifts. These machines are electric and can be installed on your curved or straight stairs.

They have a compact design and allow you to travel up and down the stairs of your home in safety. It is very fast and easy to add a Stannah stairlift to your staircase.

Typically, all of the equipment, including the rails and lift can be installed in matter of hours. These lift products only carry one passenger at a time in their seat, so it is perfect if only one person at a time needs it.

Stannah stairlifts come in many varieties. The least expensive stairlifts offered by CS Access are the Stannah Sofia and Solus. They are both very reliable and work great on straight or curved stairs. Both the Stannah Solus and Sofia are also very nice options that can be customized to include woven fabrics, leather or vinyl coverings.

If you need a heavier capacity stairlift or want more options and customizations, consider the Stannah Starla stairlift. The Starla is not only a heavy duty stairlift but it is also very luxurious and can be very customized according to your tastes.

All Stannah stairlifts are super reliable, so you can’t go wrong no matter which model you select.

1-Man Platform Lift

An inclined platform lift is a very capable elevator that also travels on rails attached to your staircase. Instead of being equipped with a seat like a stairlift, they have a platform. The platform can fold up when not in use and fold down when you need it. Since it has a broad platform, you can ride this type of lift while sitting in your wheelchair.

They can also be ridden while sitting in the optional fold-down seat or even while standing on the platform. These are the smallest and lowest cost platform lifts available that can accommodate a single passenger in a wheelchair. The inclined platform lifts that CS Access can install for you are the Logic and Slim.

The Slim is great for indoor use and works particularly well for you if your home has narrow and curved stairs although it will also work great on straight stairs. The Slim is also available with multiple platform sizes so that you can customize it to fit your stairs. The Logic is the best choice for outdoor service although it is also a very good indoor lift, especially on straight stairs.

Both the Logic and the Slim will work for you on straight or curved stairs. If your home has stairs and you are looking for the smallest and lowest cost platform lift that can carry you in a wheelchair, search no further. Either the Logic or the Slim is a great choice.

1-Man Lift Elevator

The Duo and Trio are both very small and discrete home elevators. The Duo can carry up to two people standing and the Trio can carry up to three standing persons.

However, if you want the smallest elevator that only needs to carry one person at a time, this will be the Duo home lift.

On the other hand, if you need a high-quality vertical platform lift that can accommodate your wheelchair, then the smallest one-man vertical platform lift suitable for your needs is the Trio.

When you need a 1-man lift to help you to get from floor to floor in your home, you have a choise of any one of the elevator models from CS Access. There is a model available for a single passenger who is standing, sitting or riding in a wheelchair. Contact CS Access and our Stannah lift product professionals can help you to select just the right lift solution to suit your needs.

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