Lift Questions

We read and carefully consider all the feedback from our customers to help us to continue to provide the best products and services in the industry. Some of the most common questions our customers have had are listed in the FAQ below.

If you have a concern that isn’t covered by the following FAQ, please feel free to contact us.

Questions About Quotations, Fees & Prices

Am I charged any fees to get an estimate or price quote?

No, we will dispatch a representative to you at no charge, with quotations provided freely, with no obligation to buy.

Am I obligated to purchase your product if someone comes to my home to give an estimate or quote?

No, we have a “No Pressure” business policy. We will dispatch a representative to survey your home, your stairs or other intended site of installation to determine which type of lift is the best fit for you. They can also explain the installation procedure and address any concerns you might have. After you get your quotation, you are still not obliged to buy our product or to pay anything.

What is the price of a lift?

Every installation is customized to fit your needs and your home’s layout. Many things such as the length and width of your stairs, whether they are straight, curved or bent, indoor or outdoor, the options you prefer and the model you select will affect the end price. To determine a price, contact us and arrange for a free survey of your home and our representative will provide a free quote with no obligation to buy.

Questions About Stannah

What standards of safety and quality does Stannah adhere to?

Stannah offers world-class safety. Every Stannah lift is manufactured in accordance with the highest British and European safety standards, and then tested to ensure those safety standards are met, throughout the entire process of design and manufacture.

Is Stannah accredited in any way?

Stannah has many accreditations, having received numerous awards and is a member of several professional health, safety and mobility industry organizations. For more information, you can view this complete list.

Questions About Stairlifts

Do the stairlifts attach to my stairs or my wall?

The rails of our stairlifts attach to the stair steps of your staircase and to the floor at the upper and lower landing. The stairlifts do not attach to the walls.

What if the staircase in my home is narrow?

Our stairlifts use rails that are very slim and the stairlifts themselves are quite compact. The footrest, seat and arms of all our stairlifts fold up against the rails when you aren’t using it, making the profile of the lift very slim. This is a very convenient feature and clears space on your staircase. To better understand which lift is right for you, contact us and arrange for a free in-home consultation or drop by our showroom. If your home has very narrow stairs, the Sadler may be what you need. It was designed specifically to address narrow, curved stairs. It is very rare that we do not have a stairlift solution to meet your needs.

Will stairlifts work on my curved stairs?

The rails of the stairlifts are custom fit for each installation, to work with the curves and bends in any given home. This allows the stairlift to go around the curves and bends in any staircase and function with your corridors and landings without problems. Your rails will be custom built to match your home exactly.

Does it take long to get a stairlift installed and will it be very disruptive to my routine?

A stairlift can usually be installed in only a few hours and with very little impact on your home or routine. Our installers always tidy up after themselves, leaving things exactly as before they arrived, plus a new stairlift. We strive for quick and convenient service.

Do the stairlifts run off house power or battery power?

Our stairlifts are powered by batteries but need a power outlet near the top of the stairs or near the bottom of the stairs to provide electricity to keep the onboard batteries charged. If there is no outlet nearby, we can install one when we install your lift.

What happens if there is a blackout, brownout, or other power interruption?

Our stairlifts have built-in battery power and will keep working well for around 8 trips up and down the stairs, more or less depending on your specific install. If your lift is equipped with a power swivel seat, it will be necessary for you to use the hand-operated swivel lever until normal power is returned.

How long do the batteries last in a stairlift?

It depends on how often they are used, but generally they last between 3 and 5 years and can easily be replaced.

How are the batteries in a stairlift charged?

All stairlifts for straight rails can charge at any point along the rail, continuously. The installs for curving rails include points at intervals along the rail, and at the top and bottom to ensure proper charging.

How much noise do stairlifts make?

Our stairlifts are battery powered and thus very quiet and they also provide a nice comfortable, steady smooth ride.

Are there color choices for stairlifts?

Yes, our stairlifts are available in a variety of different upholstery materials including cloth, vinyl, and leather and have many color options that allow you to match the lift to your home’s décor.

What are the advantages of a powered swivel? Do I need one?

Many stairlifts have the option to have either a one-way or a two-way swivel power swivel seat. A powered swivel allows someone with weak arms or hands to be able to turn towards the landings or a hallway easier and to get back and forth between the lift and a wheelchair with considerably less effort.

How difficult is it to operate a stairlift?

All our stairlifts are engineered to be uncomplicated and very easy to operate by anyone, left or right handed and with very little effort.

How fast is a stairlift?

The speed of our stairlifts is regulated to 0.1 meters per second and have over-speed protection. Thus, on an average staircase, a one-way trip may take about 55 seconds.

Is there a stairlift that has a standing or perching position?

Yes, the Sadler is specially designed for those with knees and hips that have limited flexibility or strength. The Sadler is a great alternative to traditional standing and perched lifts, and allows you to maintain a mostly standing position while simultaneously putting most of your weight on the seat. It also has the additional advantage of working extremely well on narrow staircases and tight spaces.

Questions About After-Sales Service

If I don’t have a contract for services, will you still assist me if my lift needs servicing or repair?

Yes, even with no service contract, we will dispatch a technician to assist you with breakdowns, service and repairs. Our professional technician will determine the repair and service fees and those will be payable to the technician on-site.

When I don’t need the lift anymore, will it be removed?

Yes, if you so desire. The lifetime service model for the lift enables us to remove it, at your request, and dispose of it according to our disposal plan and according to environmental regulations.