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The basic duty of a stairlift is to help a person who has mobility problems, to be able to move up and down the stairs of their home. In your home and around your home, a Stannah stairlift can dramatically lessen or even completely eliminate your reliance on others for help.

Stannah has been in the lift business since 1867 and is well known for quality, safety and reliability throughout the world, And CS Access works closely with Stannah to provide lift solutions in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, offering a wide range of Stannah stairlift models to benefit all who need the mobility and freedom they provide.


The best feature of Stannah stairlifts is that they can help you to travel up and down your staircase without ever stepping foot on a stair step.

Each Stannah stairlift has many other practical and convenient features, such as a call button installed on the wall at the top and bottom of the staircase to allow you to easily bring the stairlift to where you are.

In addition, the armrests and controls on the chair are custom positioned at the time of installation to match your needs personally.

Other convenient features available are a powered footrest, a powered seat swivel and custom upholstery material and colors. The chair height and seat back height are also calibrated to your exact preferences.

Installing a Stairlift


The Stannah stairlifts offered by CS Access incorporate many safeguards to prevent accidents that might harm you, a bystander or your property. Some of those safety features are:


Pressure sensor in the seat won’t allow the stairlift to move unless you are fully seated


Easy-to-operate safety belt holds you securely in place during trips


Built-in battery packs keep the stairlift operating normally even during extended power cuts


Stairlift stops when you release the controls


Stairlift folds and unfolds by lifting the armrests – you never need to bend over to lift the seat or footrest


Edge sensors detect contact with any person or object along its path and will gently stop the stairlift


Stairlift can be immobilized by a switch or lock with key (model dependent)


Manual or power seat swivel, depending on model, orients you towards the staircase landing


Spacious & comfortable footrest extends the top landing space for sure footing

Safety by design is rarely noticed when it’s present, but is very noticeable when it is absent. A Stannah stairlift works so well that you won’t think about its safety features every time you ride, because it’s so safe.

Indoor models

All the Stannah stairlifts that CS Access offers are dependable, high-quality, well-engineered lifts for use inside your home or other building. Some are rated to carry more weight than others.

There are also differences in their dimensions and how much stair space they occupy. In addition, feature options and how much the appearance of the stairlift can be customized varies between models.

However, all of these Stannah stairlifts work equally well on straight or curved stairs. and even the most basic, lowest cost model with no added features and the most basic upholstery will be an excellent stairlift that will last for many years. Stannah only makes two kinds of stairlifts, great lifts and even better lifts.

The Stannah Starla and the Siena are the best, most feature-rich and customizable stairlifts CS Access offers – you can’t ask for a better stairlift. Every power option, safety option and appearance option are available for these two stairlifts. With the highest weight carrying capacity, they can also support even the heaviest passengers and carry them up and down a staircase with ease.

And when you need a stairlift for the stairs in your home that are narrow, choose the Sadler. The Stannah Sadler has an innovative design that allows you to ride it in a semi-standing position: the seat tilts slightly forward and has a non-slip textured surface yet will support nearly all your weight while you ride the stairlift. In a semi-standing position, your profile is much narrower than when in a seated position because your knees do no protrude out. This design leaves enough free space for the Sadler to work well on your narrow stairs when no other stairlift can. And because you ride it in a mostly standing position, it is also a great stairlift for people with inflexible or weak knees and hips who have trouble standing up from a fully seated position.

If you are not a very heavy person and you prefer a less expensive stairlift that is still very reliable and well-engineered, the Stannah Solus and the Stannah Sofia stand out as great choices. The Solus and Sofia have all the basic features and many of the options of the Starla and Siena, but their dimensions are slightly different and while their rated load is still quite high, it is less than that of the Starla and Sienna. With a rated capacity of 120kg, the Sofia and Solus will accommodate all but the largest passengers. For many, these stairlifts are a perfect balance of price, features and function.

Stannah Starla Stairlift

Stannah Sadler Stairlift

Outdoor Model

You may or may not have stairs in your home, but if you have stairs outside your home that lead up to your house, you may need an outdoor stairlift. The Stannah Outdoor 320 can get you up and down the stairs outside your house with ease.

Outdoor stairs can be very treacherous when they are wet. If you are the sort of person that doesn’t like bothering others to help you every time the weather gets bad, the Outdoor 320 is a great lift mobility solution. When there is no one around to help you, the Outdoor 320 will always be there for you, will never be late or too busy, and will never complain.

Difficulty moving around your home freely is not something you have to accept. You may not be able to change the entire world, but with the help of Stannah’s mobility products, you can change your home to make it a friendlier place for you to live in. If you are interested in finding out more about our mobility solutions, please contact us – we are happy to help with questions regarding the details of our mobility solutions, requests for new installations or free, on-site consultations.

You can count on a Stannah stairlift to keep you on the go reliably.

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