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There are several good reasons that a person with a disability might want a standing chair lift or stairlift. The typical reason is space. When your home’s curved or straight staircase is simply too narrow for a chair lift that you can ride in the seated position, like the Starla or Siena, you will need to either install a vertical home lift like the Midilift, Duo or Trio, or install a narrow chair lift you ride in a nearly standing position, like the Stannah Sadler.

The Sadler is able to be travel on so narrow a staircase because it uses an extremely slim set of rails that are as close to the wall as possible. Also, the Sadler chair lift itself is designed to take up as little space as possible on the stairs. Additionally, since your legs are mostly straight while riding the Sadler in a semi-standing position, your knees won’t take up much stair space.

Riding the Sadler is Easy

To ride on the Sadler, you will first step onto its footrest, which is a very sturdy platform.

Then you will slowly let your body weight rest on the tilting saddle-style seat of the Sadler. This seat is textured with a non-slip surface, so you won’t slide off.

You will then secure the safety harness, which can be operated with a single hand – the Sadler has a safety feature that will prevent the lift from moving until the safety belt is securely fastened.

After that, with your arms resting on the armrests, you press the simple control in the direction you wish to travel, and the Sadler safely makes the trip up or down the stairs. The motion is smooth and the trip begins and ends safely past the stairs and onwards to a secure landing.

Another benefit and good reason to get a Sadler chair lift is when your knees and hips are not as strong as they used to be. If loss of strength in your legs or lack of flexibility in your hips and knees make it difficult to stand up from a chair or wheelchair without help, the Sadler is a great option that can help to keep you mobile and independent.

Reducing your reliance on others to help you move around your house will help you to take back your freedom.

Safety Hardness/Seat Belt on Sadler Stairlift

Safety Edges on Sadler Stairlift

Safety Features

The Sadler offered by CS Access offers many safety features designed to keep you, as well as anyone near you safe. Some of these features include:

One-hand-operated safety harness/seat belt

Safety harness sensor ensures the chair lift cannot move until you are secure

Edge sensors safely stop the chair lift if it makes contact with any person or object along the way

On-board battery maintains full function even during power outages

Textured non-slip seat surface helps to keep you on the seat

Armrests must be lowered before the chair lift will move

Locking switch with a key to so that the chair lift will only be used when necessary

For Curved & Straight Stairs

The Sadler, like all Stannah chair lifts, will work equally well on curved or straight stairs. Its unique seat design makes it very easy to stand up after your trip up or down the stairs. The seat height is also custom-adjusted to match your preferences when installed.

And when you are not using the Sadler, it folds up into a narrow compact form. All you need to do is to lift the armrest to fold up the Sadler: no need to bend over to fold the chair lift. Moreover, anyone upstairs or downstairs can summon the Sadler to their location using either of the summoning stations: one station will be installed at the top of your staircase and the other will be mounted at the base of the stairs.

The Sadler‘s high safety standards and reliable design is typical of the quality lift mobility products made by Stannah, leaders in lift solutions for residential as well as commercial use. There simply is no better chair lift or stairlift for narrow straight or curved staircases than the Sadler. With our professionals who have a deep understanding of every system they install, you will know that the chair lift you have chosen will be installed properly so as to give you reliable service for years to come.

If you need to find out more about the Sadler, please contact us now to arrange for one of our professionals to visit your home for a free on-site consultation.

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