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When you have a disability or just run into physical limitations due to age that make climbing the stairs in your home harder or even dangerous, a stairlift can help you get back the mobility you have lost. Stairlifts can also help in other situations.

For instance, if you own a residential apartment or rent condominium space, installing a stairlift will increase the value of your property. Also, it will allow you to rent your property for a higher rate to people who need a stairlift to get up and down stairs.

Elderly people have had a lifetime to build their wealth and should not be overlooked when considering who to rent too. Roughly 10% of Malaysia’s population are senior citizens, and that figure increases yearly. It will be worth the investment to cater to a certain segment of the population that is sometimes overlooked and to accommodate their mobility needs.

Outdoor Stairlift

Elderly and retired senior citizens often seek to rent medium and small apartments or condominiums. As they get older, they frequently no longer want to deal with the maintenance and upkeep of a large home. Whether you are an owner of a rental property or you are elderly yourself and need to use a mobility product to make your home, apartment or condominium more accessible, a stairlift is an excellent solution. They are convenient when you need them and you can easily fold them into a narrow unobtrusive form when you aren’t using them.

CS Access offers the Outdoor 320 for outdoor installation and use.

The Outdoor 320 is easy to install on any staircase, straight or curved. It has a reliable design, fully battery powered and can work in any weather.

Outdoor 320 Stairlift

Siena Stairlift Color Options

Indoor Stairlift

Our indoor stairlifts are much like the outdoor version, however they can be more comfortable, more customizable and more decorative with a wider choice of upholstery materials and colors. We offer a wide range of Stannah stairlifts, from high-quality basic models to ones that are the top of the line.

We have the elegant and very good-looking stairlift such as the highly configurable Starla or Siena.

And if you are need a more basic unit so as to keep costs down, you could opt for the Solus or Sofia.

Whichever one you choose, you can’t go wrong. Any Stannah stairlift you choose will offer you excellent service and reliability.

Stairlift for Narrow Stairs

When you find that the stairs in your home, apartment or condominium is too narrow, we also offer another Stannah stairlift that will be perfect for you. Like all the other stairlifts, the Sadler can work on straight or curved staircases. In addition, it can also work on even very narrow stairs as the design of the Sadler is made to be narrow and compact.

Also, the mostly standing riding position of the Sadler keeps your knees from protruding, which makes it more able to operate in tight spaces.


As a plus, the semi-standing riding position is great if you have inflexible knees or hips or if you have weak legs that make it difficult for you to stand up after sitting on a chair. Thus, the Sadler is much easier to get on and off because you never have to be fully seated to ride on this stairlift.

Sadler Stairlift on Narrow Curved Staircase

Houses equipped with a stairlift will have a higher value and are more accessible to a wider range of people. If you would like more information about the various lift mobility solutions and services offered by CS Access, please contact our friendly consultants and discover all the ways we can make your house more accessible.

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