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When you or someone you love have a disability that makes it difficult to climb stairs, CS Access has many stairlift solutions that can help. It could be that you or someone else has difficulty getting up and down the stairs at home. Or maybe you have employees and staff in the office building with a mobility challenge that a stairlift can solve. Also, at times a stairlift will most definitely be useful for helping elderly people to better access another floor.

CS Access offers a full line of Stannah mobility solutions, such as inclined platform lifts, residential elevators and stairlifts to address any needs you may have. For passengers in a wheelchair, a platform lift is great to navigate the stairs with, otherwise, a stairlift will certainly get the job done, regardless of whether the staircase is straight, curved or narrow.

Stairlift for Public Use

Many people in society have disabilities and injuries that require them to use a lift. When you oversee a public building that has stairs and no elevator, it is always thoughtful to your tenants and visitors to install a stairlift.

There are many instances where a lift will be useful. For example, churches often have long runs of stairs in front of them that an elderly man or woman will struggle to climb up and down.

Such a situation is more than slow and painful for the people involved; it can also be dangerous.

Many older school buildings also have multiple floors with stairs and no elevators. Even if the school only has one student with a special need, it is worth it to invest in a stairlift. It is a small expense when you consider the impact it will have on the school and its students and faculty. A new stairlift can provide years of service and make the lives of the students and staff who need it much easier.

Siena Stairlift

For public use, it will be wise to install the heaviest lifting stairlifts for the most use. Plus, you should assume it will see a lot of frequent duty. With that in mind, the Starla or the Siena stairlift will be most ideal for indoor use while the Outdoor 320 is perfect for outdoor staircases.

Sofia Stairlift

Stairlift for Office Use

If your office building is not accessible to people with mobility challenges, you might be missing out on very talented employees. Moreover, you might be required by law to have a lift to provide access for disabled people in your building.


Thus, the many stairlift solutions from CS Access can provide you are a very effective and economical solution. You can get leather or woven cloth coverings for your stairlift. And depending on the situation, you may also prefer the thick, durable and easily-cleaned vinyl.

CS Access has a wide variety of stairlifts suitable for office use: the Starla and Siena are the top of the line solutions available, both being heavy duty stairlifts that can be highly customized with many options available. In addition, the Solus and Sofia stairlifts are also high quality and practical choices that are able to carry up to 120 kg.

Stairlift for Home Use

If you or a member of your household can’t climb stairs, or if climbing the stairs is becoming difficult and dangerous due to age, a stairlift can eliminate the problem. Don’t risk a nasty fall that you know will eventually happen sooner or later – you can take care of the problem before someone break their bones falling down your staircase with a stairlift and save unnecessary pain, injury and money that results from a nasty fall down the stairs.

Choose from among Starla, Siena, Solus and Sofia stairlifts for inside the home, or the weather-proof Outdoor 320 to help the elderly or other people with difficulty climbing the stairs outside the home.

Sadler Stairlift

Any of the stairlifts mentioned earlier can dramatically increase your independence in your home and your safety on your stairs. If your stairs are very narrow, the Sadler stairlift is also available that has a narrow design and a semi-standing riding position.

Stairlifts are not very expensive compared to other mobility solutions. Also, you can save money by avoiding getting injured front falls or trips down the stairs. Preparation and planning will always cost less than treating an injury. If you need a stairlift, let CS Access help you to decide which one is right for you.

Call us to find out more about the many stairlifts, inclined platform lifts and home lifts available. Feel free to contact our customer service agents so that we can help you conquer your mobility challenges soon.

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