Outdoor Chair Lifts for Stairs

Jul 17, 2017 | Stairlift | 0 comments

When you have a disability, there are often obstacles to your mobility not only inside you home but also outside. If your house has stairs that lead up from the driveway, sidewalk or street, you may need an outdoor chair lift.

With an outdoor chair lift or stairlift, you will be able to get from your car up to your home’s front door with no problem and without having to climb a single step on the stairs.

CS Access offers the Stannah 320 Outdoor stairlift, which is very safe and reliable and can be used on straight or curved staircases outdoors so that you will be able to move around your home more easily, not just indoors, but also outdoors. In adition, installation of the Outdoor is fast and easy for our professional installers.

Comprehensive List of Safety Features


Durable and simple passenger lap harness


Removable locking key prevents unauthorized use


Battery-powered, capable of many trips even if the power grid is down


Edge sensors that safely halt the lift when it contacts any object or person along the way


Easy to access, and easy to get on and off the chair

Convenient Features

The seat swivel of the 320 Outdoor is manually operated using handles on both sides of the stairlift. This allows you to turn toward the landings and to move easily between a wheelchair and the lift.

The stairlift is also operated by means of a conveniently located control that can be positioned on the left or right armrest, per your preference.

Calling stations can be positioned at the top and bottom of your outdoor stairs so that you can summon the Outdoor stairlift to your location easily.

The Outdoor also folds up, by lifting the armrest, when you aren’t using it, to keep your staircase clear for others to use.

Weather Ready

The rails of the Outdoor are strong corrosion- and rust-resistant aluminum. The seat, frame motor handles and controls are designed to work outside in any weather and any climate. This design protects the stairlift against rain, humidity and salt air, providing you with many years of trouble free service in even the harshest conditions.

Weather-Beating Design


Moisture resistant


Dust and sand resistant


Can be operated in extremes of hot and cold weather


Powder-coated metal resists corrosion


Controls, electronics and motor are weather-sealed


Element-resistant aluminum rails


Includes covering to keep lift dry and ready for use

Stannah provides more stairlifts to more homes in the world than any other manufacturer, and CS Access is proud to provide a variety of Stannah lift solutions in Malaysia. To find out more details about the Outdoor stairlift or other stairlifts, inclined platform lifts and home lifts, please contact CS Access at any time.

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