Handicap Chair Lift for Stairs

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There are many different options available for people who have a handicap that necessitates their needing to use mobility aids, such as a chair lift. Stannah is a well-known and well-respected producer of mobility products including residential elevator lifts, platform lifts and stairlifts. In fact, Stannah has more residential chair lifts installed than any other brand in the world.

Readily available from CS Access, Stannah chair lifts are all operated basically the same way from the user’s perspective, as far as the controls are concerned. They can work on any straight, curved or narrow staircase. Also, they all include an impressive array of safety features such as seat belts, load sensors and safety edges. The main differences between them are lifting capacity, available options and the range of upholstery customization choices.

Premium High Capacity Chair Lifts

For those who want the top of the line, in terms of lift capacity, options and customizability, CS Access offers the Starla and Siena chair lifts.

Alternatively, if you have a disability that limits your knee or hip flexibility and your homes stairs are curved and narrow, you may want to consider the Sadler, another premium stairlift that is designed for you to ride on its textured, slip resistant seat in a mostly standing position while supporting most of your weight on the seat.

This design makes the space required by the lift very small so that it can work well on especially narrow stairs. In addition, because of the special seat, the Sadler is easier to mount than other stairlifts.

Colors Available for Siena

Riding a Solus

Quality Medium Capacity Chair Lifts

If you need a less expensive chair lift, we offers the Solus and Sofia, which are also great stairlifts that are very reliable and customizable with a medium load lifting capacity.

They are very stylish and have a contemporary look and no matter which chair lift you choose, safety and reliability are standard on them.

Outdoor Chair Lifts

We knows that mobility challenges are not limited inside the home. Many homes have steep slopes or stairs leading up to the front door. Thus, if you are disabled and have difficulty reaching your home from the street or from your car, we can help with the 320 Outdoor model chair lift.

The Outdoor is easy to install, and is designed to resist moisture, sand, dust and salty air of an outdoor environment. It will provide you the same great level of service outdoors that the rest of the chair lift line can provide you indoors, including the standard safety features.

The 320 Outdoor Stairlift

A chair lift or stairlift can be very useful to a handicapped person around the house. Whether you are dependent upon a wheelchair to get around or just need some help with the stairs, a chair lift can open up a whole new level of freedom and independence in your own home. If you can get in and out of a chair and switch between a chair and a wheelchair, then a chair lift is a great solution to help you get up and down stairs on your own.

All of the stairlifts include chair swivels to help you get back and forth between the lift’s seat and a wheelchair. All you need to do is sit in the chair lift, fasten the safety belt and with the press of a button go up or down your stairs effortlessly. It really is that simple; so don’t let a disability limit you at home. Contact us now to find the chair lift you need from the broad range available from CS Access.

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