Disabled Chair Lifts for Stairs

Jul 28, 2017 | Stairlift | 0 comments

Life often presents us with challenges, some more difficult than others. However, there is usually a way through it. When people are disabled and their mobility is affected especially for climbing staircases, the number one go-to name for chair lifts is Stannah: Stannah has helped more people in the world than any other brand when it comes to chair lifts.

If you are able to walk but find climbing up and down the stairs dangerous or difficult, the chair lift can help you maintain your mobility with little effort and in complete safety. A chair lift, also known as a stairlift, provides you with a comfortable, easy-to-mount seat and allows you to easily to move between the floors of your house without having to struggle with a single stair step.

The high quality Stannah stairlifts available from CS Access can be installed on any staircase, regardless of whether it is straight, curved, bent, wide or narrow. No matter your needs, Stannah has a chair lift design that will get you moving around your house freely, with little or no assistance needed from other people.

Each chair lift has a dependable onboard battery to power the lift, a safety harness, easy-to-use controls, safety edge sensors and an immobilization switch or key for additional safety. Also, each chair lifts can be easily folded up by lifting the armrest to take up less space on your stairs when it is not in use.

Indoor Chair Lifts

For indoor use, we have a wide range of chair lift models available to meet any need and any tastes. All indoor chair lifts work well on straight or curved stairs, with each model having its own special merits:


Heavy lift design with maximum options, customizations and available coverings


Medium lift capacity with many options, customizations and available coverings


Heavy lift design with many options and a range of upholstery to match your home


Affordable medium lift capacity with many options and a range of coverings


Premium lift, narrow profile, semi-standing riding position, excels on narrow stairways

All the Stannah chair lifts are top-quality and highly reliable equipment. The basic differences between the models listed above are lifting capacity, optional features available, choices of upholstery and space required on your stairs. Contact us to learn more about each model and its options and to help you find the perfect one you need.

Outdoor Chair Lifts

When your home has stairs, an indoor lift can give you full independence to move around without having to wait for someone to come assist you. The same is also true outside your home – if you have stairs outside your home, the 320 Outdoor stairlift can make that previously difficult trip to your front door much safer and easier.

If you are the type of person who likes to spend time alone, enjoys privacy and has an independent nature, the Outdoor chair lift can help you maintain that independence to impulsively do what you want, whenever you like.

The Outdoor is designed for operation under any weather condition, whether it’s raining or it’s a sunny day. It operates perfectly when it is cool or hot outside the house. With the Outdoor, you will not need to worry about slippery wet stairs limiting your mobility anymore.

If you want to know more about which chair lift model is best for you, contact us to talk to one of our professional consultants.

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