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Stairlifts serve a very important purpose: they carry you up and down the stairs of your home so that you can access your entire house and not just one floor of it. You simply sit on the chair of a stairlift, fasten your seatbelt, press a button and off you go to another floor.

But not every home is the same, not every staircase is the same and not every person wants or needs the same things. Thus, Stannah makes many different models of stairlifts that are able to address all the different requirements you may have.

Common Features

With any of the Stannah residential stairlifts, there are basic features you can expect. For instance, each stairlift will have controls that can be mounted on either armrest, a folding footrest, a comfortable seat with a comfortable chair back and which can swivel, and a folding armrest.

Also, every Stannah stairlift has summoning stations at both the top and bottom of the staircase, so you can call the stairlift to your location with the press of a button.

To accommodate almost all types of staircases, all the stairlifts available from CS Access can also be installed on straight or curved/bent stairs. 

The stairlifts also include common safety features, each of which includes a safety harness, edge sensors to detect obstacles in the path of the stairlift, and a seat pressure sensor that immobilizes the chair until you are firmly seated.

All the stairlifts also have onboard batteries so the lift can continue to function normally even during a power outage.

Just as some people may want a compact economy car while others may want a luxury sedan with all the options, the choice of stairlifts gives you the option for the most cost effective model all the up to the model with all the best features.

For people who want the best that money can buy, such as in terms of options, the ability to customize the stairlift’s appearance to match their home and the load carrying capacity, the Starla and Sienna are the obvious choices.

Both are high-end offerings, with the Starla having the most customizable appearance with the most options. The Starla and Siena are also the heaviest lifting stairlifts, with a capacity of up to 160kg. 

Multiple Models to Choose From

Beyond the basics of just needing to go up and down the stairs of their home, people have varying needs and tastes.

Moreover, their home’s staircases are also not all the same. Thus, as “one size does not fit all”, Stannah makes multiple models to suit various needs.

Options are available for power seat swivels, one-hand-operated seat belts, custom fabrics and upholstery, along with customized controls. 

Stannah Siena

Sadler Stairlift

Alternatively, when you have a staircase that is narrow and has curves or bends that does not provide enough clearance for most stairlifts, the Sadler is the obvious choice.

It has a very modern look and feel, can be made to match most home’s décor and most importantly will work great on even very narrow stairs.

You ride the Sadler in a semi-standing position, which allows a narrow profile for the lift design; this slim design allows you to get up and down your narrow stairs effortlessly.

It also has the added bonus of being a perfect riding position for people with weaker legs and poor hip flexibility: getting up from a fully seated position might be difficult for you, but getting up from a semi-standing position on the Sadler will be considerably easier.

If you want a high quality stairlift that is very safe, provides many of the options of the premium models but at a lower cost, either the Solus or Sofia will be a great choice for you.

Both are very nice and reliable stairlifts with many optional features along with customizable upholstery colors.

These two are also excellent medium-capacity lifts that can carry all but the heaviest and largest passengers, up to 120kg.

Folded Sofia Stairlift

The needs of the customer as well as the type of staircase and space constraints on the stairs is why Stannah offers such a wide range of stairlift designs. There is a model for every type of customer and every type of staircase. The design of each of the stairlifts made by Stannah is tailored for different needs.

To find out more about the specifications and options available for each Stannah stairlift, be sure to contact us – CS Access is always here to help you with any questions about the lift mobility solutions you need, not only for stairlifts but also for inclined platform lifts, and indoor and outdoor home elevators

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