Curved Stairlifts

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Curved staircases can present a design and space challenge for some stairlifts. The drive gears need to be able to continuously mesh with the railing gears, even when making turns. Also, at the points in the stairs where the stairlift rounds corners, space can be at a premium. There is no need to worry though because Stannah has already solved all these problems.

All the stairlifts offered by CS Access are designed to be installed on curved staircases. Thus, if you need a stairlift to aid your mobility on your curved stairs, we can offer a wide selection available for you to choose from.

Installation on Curved Stairs

When our installers arrive at your home, they will begin by installing the slim rails for your curved staircase. These slim-line rails are quite compact and modular: our installers have plenty of experience with installing them, so the install should take just 2 or 3 hours usually. The stairlift rails don’t get bolted to the walls – the technicians will attach the rails to stair steps and the floor at both landings.

Our professional installers will custom build the modular sections of railing on-site. Curved sections are added where the stairs curve, to wrap around the bends in your staircase.

The top and bottom sections at the landings have electrical contacts that connect with your lift when it’s not being used, to keep the internal power packs charged and ready for use, even during electrical blackouts. In addition, the electrical cords for our stairlifts can simply be plugged into any normal 13 amp electrical outlet.

After the installers have finished installing the rails, they will mount the drive section that contains the motor and batteries onto the rail. This is mounted in such a way that it can’t go past either end of the stair rails. Once secured, all the remaining parts of the lift, including the footrest, seat, arm rests, chair back and controls are mounted and adjusted to fit your dimensions and preferences. It is a very quick process for our experienced professionals.

Now that your chairlift is installed, the installers will check all the components to make sure they are assembled correctly. Then, they will test the stairlift to be sure that it is functioning properly. After that, they will then familiarize you with your new stairlift before they tidy up the installation site. Our installers will only leave after your questions have all been answered and you are satisfied, to ensure that the stairlift you have chosen is fully ready for you to use and to enjoy.

Stairlifts for Curved Stairs

All of our stairlifts can be installed on curved stairs in your home. The models offered include:


A top of the line product that is a heavy-duty stairlift and is most customizable


A high quality, medium capacity stairlift with a wide choice of upholstery


A medium capacity stairlift that is very customizable and stylish


A very high quality, heavy-duty stairlift with many customization options


The stairlift for narrow stairs with a semi-standing seat position that is great for those with a lack of hip/knee flexibility


A great, outdoor stairlift that has weather-sealed electronics, controls and motor

Feel free to contact CS Access to find out more about the stairlifts available, all of which can be installed on curved staircases.

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