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There are many reasons why you might find yourself in need of a chairlift or stairlift.

One reason may be an injury or illness that affects your ability to climb the stairs and that takes a lot of time to heal or recover from, Another reason may be due to your mobility and strength becoming more limited due to the slow progress of age.

Even if walking on floors may be fine for you, you may still find climbing the stairs difficult, dangerous or even impossible, especially if your legs have some degree of disability.

No matter the reason why you need a chairlift to help you get up and down the stairs of your home, you can find the perfect chairlift model to suit your needs from CS Access.

CS Access Malaysia offers a full line of Stannah chairlifts, from basic and reliable models to fully customizable and top of the line versions to help you improve your mobility on the stairs.

Straight or Curved Stairs?

Your home may have straight stairs or curved stairs, but Stannah chairlifts will work well on either.

Our professional consultants can help to survey your home and assist you with deciding what is best for your situation.

The flexible design of Stannah chairlifts ensures that no matter if your stairs are straight, curved or very narrow, we can provide you with a safe & reliable chairlift products that will meet your needs.

Some of our chairlift designs that work well on virtually any staircase include the Solus, Sofia, Starla and Siena.

Those chairlifts have a comfortable seat that carries you up and down the stairs in a fully seated position. They are very high-quality lifts and can reliably improve your mobility in your home. The main differences between the models are the degree to which they can be customized to match your tastes and décor, their load bearing capacity and their shape and dimensions. Each will appeal to the different tastes and include specifications that vary to suit different needs.

There is one aspect of your staircase that could be very limiting and may prohibit the use of most chairlifts, such as your stairs being very narrow. For such a situation, the Sadler is a chairlift on which you ride in a semi-standing position. Since you are never fully seated, your knees remain straighter. In addition, combined with the narrow, compact design of the Sadler, the chairlist can be easily installed on very narrow staircases.

Besides working in narrow spaces, the Sadler is also great for anyone who has trouble standing up again after being fully seated. For instance, if you have weak legs or inflexible hips and knees, you might prefer this lift even if your stairs are not narrow.

Is Riding a Chairlift Difficult?

Riding any of our chairlifts is very easy: they are designed for ease of access from a wheelchair or walking frame. The seats can be pivoted towards the staircase landing, making it simple to face the seat in a direction that is convenient for you to get on and off the lift.

Also, they have strong, comfortable footrests that serve to keep you safe as well as comfortable. In many cases, the seat, seat back and armrests can also be customized for your comfort and personal preferences. All the chairlifts also have seat height and armrest adjustments to match your exact body measurements, thereby making them as comfortable and safe as possible for you.

Controlling the lift is also very intuitive and straightforward. Once you are seated and wearing your seatbelt, you just press and hold the control in the direction you want to go, either up or down. You can even position the control on the left or right armrest, so even with only one hand, it will be easy to direct the chairlift in the direction required.

Also, there is no need to worry about power outages. These chairlifts function normally for extended periods during a power cut thanks to the powerful onboard batteries.

No matter which model you choose, it is hard to find fault with a chairlift from Stannah: Stannah has thought of everything to make you comfortable and safe.

What About the Outdoors?

If there are stairs between your home’s front door and your car, how do you get back and forth? Stannah offers a very rugged and dependable outdoor solution called the Outdoor 320.

The Outdoor 320 chairlift shares much of its design and control features with the indoor models. The difference is that it is particularly “hardened” for outdoor use. The electrical systems, motor, wiring and controls are all water resistant and weatherproof. Additionally, the frame of the lift has a special powder coating that is far more resilient than paint. Even the rails that it rides on are corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum.

If your outdoor stairs are very long, don’t worry. The Outdoor 320 has exceptional range and can take you up and down those stairs many times even during an outage, with its onboard battery power packs.

CS Access has many Stannah chairlifts or stairlifts available for indoor and outdoor use to help you conquer any obstacle to your mobility. If you are interested in getting a new chairlift for yourself or for your loved ones, contact us now to arrange a free on-site visit & survey, absolutely at no obligation. Also, if you need more information about any of the mobility solutions or services offered by CS Access, contact our friendly consultants at anytime. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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