Chair to Carry Elderly Up Stairs

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As people get older, walking up and down the stairs can become harder for many reason. You may have reduced coordination or reaction time, causing you to miss steps and thus creating a fall hazard. Elderly people can also sometimes lose balance easily. Additionally, vision problems can make it difficult judge the distance from one step to the next. No matter the cause, the risk is the same; when you are elderly, especially if you are disabled, if you fall on the stairs, serious injury or even death can result. The risk is much higher for the elderly then for the young.

So, once you have realized that even though you can move around your house fine, that the staircase can be too dangerous. What can you do? If you are an independent-minded person, you will not want to ask someone to help you out with the stairs every time you need eat dinner downstairs, or to take a shower or a nap upstairs. For such cases, a stairlift or chair lift is the answer.

A stairlift is simply a very safe and reliable chair to carry a person up and down stairs, unaided by others. With the help of a stairlift, you may even be safer on your own going up and down your stairs than if you had people assisting you. Moreover, you are certainly freer to live life on your own terms and according to your own schedule than if you need to depend on others for help.

CS Access offers a complete line of Stannah stairlifts to assist you with the mobility challenges you may face at home. Whether in the house or outdoors, stairs are an obstacle that can be overcomed with a lift solution: we can provide you with a lift for every mobility challenge that will suit a wide range of preferences and will accommodate any home with a staircase.

Common Stairlift Features

Regardless of whether you choose a high-capacity premium stairlift model, a more affordable one, one that allows you to ride in a semi-standing position and thus takes up very little space on the stairs, or one that can be installed and used in the outdoors, they will all provide these features:

Batteries that provide uninterrupted operation even if the power goes out

Safety features such as seat harnesses and edge sensors

Switch or locking mechanism to immobilize lift when not in use

Easily folded up by lifting armrests to save space

Easy-to-operate controls that can be positioned on the left or right of the chair

Call stations mounted on the wall at the top and bottom of the stairs

Seats that can swivel and pivot toward the landing to make it easier to mount and dismount

Adjustable seat heights

Seat Belt on the Starla Stairlift

Safety Edges on the Sofia Stairlift

Solus Stairlift in Brown Vinyl

High Quality Affordable Stairlifts

If you have a strict budget and you just need a very good and reliable lift that will get you up and down your staircase safely and without fail, the Stannah Sofia or Solus are excellent choices.

Either can easily transport a 120 kg passenger up and down the stairs every day, many times a day without being strained at all.

Even though they may cost less than some of the other stairlifts, there is no compromise in quality or reliability.

They are even available with a wide range of upholstery and colors to match your home.

You can even get optional power seat swivels while the the seat height and armrest positions are adjustable.

High Capacity Premium Stairlifts

There are some people who just want the best when they buy something they need to rely on. If you are one of these people or if you need to buy the absolute highest capacity stairlift you can find, the Stannah Siena or Starla are your best choices.

Either can carry a person who weighs up to 160 kg.

These stairlifts are also the top of the line in terms of options you can get and choices of colors, seats and upholstery materials.

The Starla is particularly customizable and the upholstery has the most extensive range of fabrics and materials to choose from.

A power seat swivel, automatic footrest, one-hand operated seatbelt and locking key switch are all available.

Starla Stairlift in Stone Color with Wood Trim

High Quality Standing Stairlifts

There are some instances when a regular stairlift that you sit on to ride will not work for you. If the stairs in your home are too narrow, most stairlifts may not fit. Also, some people find it difficult to stand up if they are completely seated on a normal stairlift. If you have either of these problems, you should try the Stannah Sadler.

The Sadler is a special stairlift that is easy for anyone to mount and dismount, even if your knees and hips are weak and not very flexible. You ride on it in a mostly standing position, with most of your weight supported by the tilted seat of the lift.

Since you ride the Sadler while still mostly standing, your knees are tucked in close to the chair. This riding position coupled with the narrow and compact design of the Sadler makes it the perfect stairlift for narrow stairs, no matter if they are straight or curved.

Great Outdoors Stairlifts

Climbing stairs outdoors is equally as dangerous for the elderly as climbing the stairs indoors will be. If the outside of your home has a staircase, no matter how big or small, it may present a fall hazard to you. If you need help getting up and down those stairs, the Stannah Outdoor 320 is the solution you need to stay safe and mobile.

The Outdoor 320 has most of the same features you expect from the indoor models, but is purpose-built to operate reliably in any weather. Its motor and wiring are water resistant, as are its controls. Also, the metal is powder coated that is much more resilient than painted metal. Anodized aluminum is used in the rail construction, which makes them impervious to rust.

If you can walk and drive and simply have difficulty with climbing stairs to your front door, the Outdoor 320 can get you from your car, up your outdoor stairs and to your door without the help of anyone else. When combine with indoor stairlifts, you have a complete mobility solution for your home to get from floor to floor.

With a stairlift from CS Access, you will be able to live independently. Stannah mobility products are available to keep you free and mobile so that you can go where you want to whenever you feel like it without assistance. If you would like more information about our products, contact us and we will assist you with any questions you may have about our other mobility products and services as well as provide you a free, no-obligation on-site consultation to help you decide on the best stairlift you need.

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