Chair Lifts for Seniors

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Everyone ages – this is a fact of life that everyone must accept. If you live long enough, things like climbing stairs or even walking may become too difficult to do without help, with climbing stairs being particularly dangerous for many reasons as you get older. For example, if you were to step on some object someone had left on the stairs, you should suffer a fall.

Poor vision, gait and balance disorders, leg or ankle weaknesses or other medical conditions can also be contributing factors that make climbing stairs difficult, especially if your stairs are steep. Chair lifts or stairlifts for seniors and disabled persons can solve most if not all your stair climbing problems. CS Access has a wide variety of Stannah stairlifts to address your in-home mobility needs.

If you struggle with stairs long enough, eventually you will fall. Do something to make your stairs safe before you are injured, not after.

Loss of Freedom

When you have stairs inside or outside your home and you can’t climb your stairs on your own, entire sections of your property can become off-limits to you.

If you are left alone in your home, you are stuck on whichever floor you are on when your caretaker leaves. If your bedroom is upstairs, you may have to choose between being able to rest in your own bed and being able to cook in the kitchen. The same is true with showers and bathrooms. Suddenly you reach a point where you can go to the bathroom or take a shower without someone else’s permission, because you need their help to get around.

Unless your caretaker is the most patient person in the world, eventually conflicts will arise. Your mobility will suffer when your ability to move around depends too much on the help of someone else.

How Can a Stairlift Help?

Stairlifts can help by carrying you up and down the stairs you can’t climb on your own.

They are designed to carry you safely and effortlessly up and down any staircase. It doesn’t matter if your stairs are long, short, wide, narrow, curved or straight, we have a stairlift to suit your needs.

If you think about it, it is the most simple and effective solution to a common and pervasive problem. Most people usually don’t complain that they can’t walk on a flat even floor. So, once you eliminate the challenges of stair climbing, you can be free to move around you house at will again. It is just that simple.

The stairlifts offered by CS Access come equipped with features that make them very easy for you to use without anyone’s assistance.

For instance, every lift comes with a call station mounted at the top and bottom of the stairs, and is easy to reach. That way, even if more than one person in the home uses the lift, it is easy to call to your current location.

Our stairlifts also all have swivel seats so that you can turn the seat to a position that is safe and easy to mount or dismount. In addition, they all have foot rests to ensure that your feet are safe and comfortable during transit.

To make things even more convenient, the simple-to-use controls can be mounted on either the left or right armrest. If you have not problems using a light switch, you can handle easily handle the controls for a stairlift. The up button naturally makes the stairlift go up while the down button moves you down the stairs.

Models Available

CS Access Malaysia has many Stannah stairlift models available to cover all your needs, from the very basic to the fully loaded available with a range of options. These all work on straight or curved stairs, with the Sadler especially built for very narrow stairs:

Starla and Siena

These Starla (shown at left) and Siena are the top-of-the-line Stannah stairlifts offered by CS Access, with every possible option and feature available. They have the highest weight-carrying rating and are the most customizable, making them our best-selling lifts.


This stairlift is Stannah’s answer to narrow staircases: if you thought you can’t have a stairlift because your stairs are too narrow, you probably were wrong. The riding position of the Sadler is semi-standing, and it has a very narrow design: this makes the Sadler particularly suitable if you have problems sitting down or getting up from a chair.

Solus and Sofia

The Solus (shown at left) and Sofia are both great stairlifts with many options. They can be customized quite a bit also, including colors and choice of upholstery coverings. They can carry up to 125 kg up and down stairs.

Outdoor 320

The Outdoor 320 is specially built to handle the dirt, dust, rain and salty conditions for outdoor duty. All electrical components are sealed and all metal is either aluminum or powder coated. For outdoor lift duty, you can’t find better.

Every great Stannah stairlift is reliable and well designed to last for many years of service. Also, they all have on-board battery backup that ensures normal operation even during power outages. With Stannah equipment, safety and reliability is engineered into every lift.

To get a new stairlift or to find out more about the mobility solutions and services available from CS Access, contact our customer service professionals.

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