Logic Inclined Platform Lift

CS Access is very happy to make the quality Logic inclined platform lift available to customers in Malaysia.

The Logic can be put into service on most any straight staircase, both inside and outside your home – when a vertical elevator is not a good option, the Logic is a great alternative.

After you have examined all the convenient features of the Logic, please feel free to give us a call so that we can help you get your new Logic lift installed in your home.


The Logic is designed especially for straight stairs.

It has a nice, wide platform and is able to accept nearly any wheelchair on the market.

Moreover, the Logic has excellent load carrying capacity and can easily meet all your needs for mobility up and down the stairs.

Also, since the rail system used for the Logic is modular, installation is very simple and it can be ready to use very soon after it has been ordered. The Logic inclined platform lift has a heavy-duty design and can handle indoor or outdoor service with equal ease.

The Logic is a perfect choice for any private, commercial and public application. Its anodized aluminum frame, powder coated metal and sealed electrical, motor and drive systems guarantee years of trouble free operation in most environments.


Stair Width 850 mm (min)
Dimensions Platform: 750 mm x 600 mm (min) / 1,250 mm x 800 mm (max)

Overall With Platform Closed: 350 mm (min)

Rails Overall: 115 mm (min)

Load Capacity 250Kg (daN)
Surmountable Inclinations 10˚ – 45 ˚
Control Circuit Voltage 24VDC
Speed 0.1m/s (max)
Soft-Start / Soft-Stop System Standard
Installation Indoors / Outdoors


The Logic has plenty of great features to make your life easier. It is very quiet, having no loud, messy hydraulic components.

And even though it has a very large capacity, it folds up against its rails, assuming a narrow form and ensuring that your stairway is not obstructed and the pleasant appearance of your home is maintained.

The Logic’s dual left and right hand controls make it convenient for anyone to operate. If needed, you can access the platform from the side because the safety rails automatically lower into place when you use it, and swing up and out of your way when you are not using it.

There is an optional chair seat available that folds up as well, in case someone needs to use the lift without a wheelchair.
The Logic lift starts and stops very smoothly, adding to the comfort of your ride. In addition, there are two types of remote controls available for you as an option: one is a wired lead-type control and the another is wireless. The remote controls enable a second person to control the lift for you, or for you to call the lift to your current location.


The safety of our lifts is second-to-none, and that is easy to see by the number of safety features built into the Logic inclined platform lift, which includes the following:

Safety arms automatically lower and rise, making entry and exit easy and your ride secure

Audible safety tone that sounds when it is in motion

Easy-to-reach emergency stop button that halts the lift smoothly when pressed

Easy-to-reach emergency stop button that halts the lift smoothly when pressed

Stops immediately should it impact anything, also protects children, pets and others near it

Non-slip platform prevents you from slipping and accidentally falling off the lift

Sensor that alerts you in the event the lift is overloaded

Sensor that alerts you in the event the lift is overloaded

On-board battery backup has plenty of power to operate your lift during a power outage

The Logic is the perfect choice for either indoor or outdoor residential, public or private buildings. The Logic is a great value and you can not find a better product for the money anywhere. We invite you to contact us for more information and so that we can assist you with all your mobility needs.

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