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Jun 7, 2017 | Inclined Platform Lift | 0 comments

When people think of inclined lifts, they usually only think they are useful for people in wheelchairs, the elderly or a person with a disability. However, such lift systems can also be used by anyone and for anything.

For example, an inclined platform lift can be used by a passenger in the standing position, and there is no reason someone can’t use them for transporting their heavy luggage, golf gear or whatever they might need to move up and down the stairs as required.

That said, the primary use for inclined platform lifts is to help people in wheelchairs regain their mobility.

Types of Stairs and Space Available

When considering what type of new inclined lift system you need, the primary factors that will influence your choice are the amount of space available for the lift and whether your stairs are curved or straight. CS Access has two types of inclined platform lifts available that can handle almost scenarios.

Straight Staircases with Plenty of Space

The Logic is usually the best choice for straight staircases, which is designed to work both indoors and outdoors equally well.

The Logic has a very accommodating platform area, ensuring it will accept most wheelchairs on the market, and has a high lifting capacity. This means that if there are stairs leading up to your home, the Logic can be used there.

Alternatively, if there are stairs inside your home, you will be able to access all the floors of your home with the Logic.

Curved Staircases and Narrow Stairs

Many homes have curved staircases and a lot of them can also be quite narrow. In either case, CS Access has a solution. The Slim is specially designed to work well indoors for narrow and curved staircases. We manage this by building the drive unit into the stair rail itself, thus enabling the lift to take up less space and to fit closer to the rail and the wall.

This design enables people who find it difficult to deal with stairs to still be able to stay in their homes and to be more mobile and independent. Moreover, since you will not need to leave your wheelchair, you will not need assistance to get up and down the stairs.

Inclined platform lifts are a great alternative to elevators and CS Access is ready to provide you with the mobility you need in the home with the Logic and Slim inclined platform lifts.

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