Stannah Home Lifts

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CS Access offers several Stannah home lift solutions that can assist people with a range of disabilities to regain the freedom to move around between the floors of their home independently. These lifts are designed to move from one person to as many as four at a time, as well as being able to transport a person using a wheelchair and those who use walking frames or other mobility aids.

A home lift is great alternative to a stairlift when you need to carry more people and greater weight.

Midilift Home Lifts

The Stannah Midilift is very safe and can accommodate up to four passengers, as well as a mix of standing passengers and passengers in a wheelchair. This is a very heavy lifting residential elevator, capable of lifting a standard load of up to 400kg.

The drive mechanism is a compact hydraulic unit and can be configured to be located in several places for ease of installation.

The Midilift can also be positioned on the outside of the building next to a wall; this allows it to serve people inside your home or office but not occupy any space inside, which makes it a very attractive lift solution for residential, business and public buildings.

Duo & Trio Home Lifts

Trio Home Lift (Thru Car Version)

The Duo is suitable as a one- to two-man lift. Even though it is the smallest of the residential elevator lifts, it can also lift a single passenger in the seated position.

The Trio is slightly bigger, enabling it to carry up to three people and is also able to accommodate wheelchairs, walking frames and other mobility devices as well.

Both the Duo and the Trio have a freestanding dual-rail frame system positioned on either side of the lift that carries the entire weight of the lift. This makes them easy to install just about anywhere in your house.

Also, very few modifications need to be made to your home, so both elevators can be installed very quickly, in as little as two or three days.

Both home elevator lifts also have their small yet powerful electric drive motor and gears located in the top of the lift that makes them compact and easy to service. The Duo and Trio are also powered by a common wall plug. All of this minimizes expense for wiring, building modifications and maintenance as well.

Three versions of the Duo and Trio are available:

Classic Version

The original classic Duo and Trio lifts can travel between floors in only 30 seconds, and they come equipped with an impressive list of standard features and additional options are also available.

Vista Version

The Vista version has all the features of the classic and are also outfitted with strong polycarbonate structural panels that impart a crisp, clear, contemporary appearance. Because polycarbonate is see-through, the Vista can blend into the surroundings of your house and they also allow light to enter and for you to see out which offers you a sense of openness.

Thru Car Version

The Thru Car design lets you enter or exit from the back or front of the elevator. This is possible due to the twin-rail support system employed by Duo and Trio home lifts which will not block the back or front of the lift because the support rails are located either side of the lift. The Duo Thru Car and Vista Thru Car both also include the same base features of the classic.

To help you learn more about each home lift, check out their product pages here on our website. You can also contact us at any time to learn more about our company, mobility services, and our mobility products.

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