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Aug 7, 2017 | Home Lift | 0 comments

When you need an elevator lift to move between the floors of your home but space inside your home is limited, an outside elevator lift provides an attractive alternative to indoor models. CS Access offers several lift models that work in the outdoors, such as the Logic inclined platform lift and the Outdoor 320 stairlift. In addition, when you need a residential elevator that sits outdoors and provides mobility service indoors, the Stannah Midilift home lift is an excellent choice. Of all the mobility products, the Midilift has the highest capacity and thus can carry the greatest number of passengers.

Why Install an Elevator Outdoors?

For some people, depending on their needs and the layout of their home, a stairlift may not be enough. The most convenient and easy-to-use types of lifts are elevators. They can carry people who are standing, sitting in a wheelchair or using a walking frame.

Since residential lift elevators are the easiest type of lift for someone in a wheelchair to use without assistance, they also offer the greatest independence and freedom. However not every home is conducive to the installation of a high capacity elevator indoors.

When you need to install a new elevator in an existing structure, there isn’t always room for the elevator. In such cases, you need a product like the Stannah Midilift, with a design that allows you to install it next to your house, against an outside wall yet have a door that opens inside. This way, you can install a very high capacity home lift without using up any precious space inside your home.

How Does the Midilift Work?

The Stannah Midilift can work either indoors (as shown at left) or outdoors, with the outdoor variant being very attractive because it has no impact on the space inside the home.

When installed outdoors, the Midilift is installed in a sealed weather-proof enclosure against a wall of your choosing. The passenger simply presses a button to summon the elevator and to open the door, just like any other elevator. When the Midilift arrives, you can just walk in or roll in with your wheelchair. Since there is space for up to four persons on the Midilift, you can easily share the ride with other passengers.

The system is very reliable and simple to use for anyone who has ever ridden in an elevator. The controls are situated to allow anyone to operate the lift without the help of others. This makes it great for elderly passengers as well. 

The Midilift has three different platform sizes and shapes to choose from. Moreover, the hydraulic system  it uses is very adaptable and can be installed in many positions to further ease installation.

With a standard lift capacity of 400 kilograms, the Midilift is more than a match for most residential mobility duties. Also, depending on the scenery in your area, you can opt to have a nice view during the trip between floors in your home or office.

No matter your need for a lift in your home or for use in a public building, CS Access can provide you with the right lift to suit your requirements.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about the outdoor mobility solutions that CS Access can provide to you – we will be glad to answer any questions you might have and we can even have a professional consultant visit your home for a free site survey and to advise you about the the best lift solutions you need.

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