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Jun 19, 2017 | Home Lift | 0 comments

Our residential home lifts have a high-quality design that is elegant in its simplicity, compact and thoughtfully put together to avoid unnecessary expenses, excessive home modifications and custom electrical requirements. This design means that they are kept affordable while still maintaining a high standard of safety.

Most elevators need a separate shaft which is built to support the elevator and its cabling. Two home lifts offered by CS Access are the Duo and the Trio, which do not need a shaft. Nor do they rely on the building’s structure for support. Instead, the Duo and Trio rely on 2 support legs, on either side of the lift that carry the total weight of the elevator.

The 2 legs of the Duo and Trio are joined at the top by a beam that runs between them. That beam supports the weight of the lift by its cabling. The cable runs down from that bar to the top of the elevator, which houses the electric motor, reduction gears and pulley.

Having this sort of electric drive is very quiet and compact compared to other elevator lifts. It also means there is no need for a separate machine room, while they are easy to service and require little maintenance.

By using a powerful, efficient electric motor paired to reduction gears, the lift is able to carry heavy loads but only needs a normal wall outlet for power. Also, no expensive hydraulics is needed.

Versatile Installation

The fact that the Duo and Trio home lifts are so compact, require no extra structural support, no special electric circuits and no separate machine room means that they can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. They could be installed beside your existing stairs, in the void between stairs, or even in a closet.

You could, for instance, install one in the basement that travels between the basement and the 1st floor and a second one that travels between the 1st and 2nd floors. They are quite compact and very affordable compared to other options.

Another great feature that is possible because of the self-supporting 2-leg design is the thru-car feature that is available for both the Trio and Duo. This feature allows you to enter or exit through 2 sides of the lift. This could be very useful if your top floor balcony faces the back of the elevator, which is open to the balcony at the top, but will then blocked by a wall when the elevator goes down to the 1st floor. In a scenario like this, you would enter the back of the elevator at the top floor and exit the front of the elevator on the bottom floor.

You can find out more information about the Duo and Trio home lift along with their three variants, the Classic, Vista and Thru-car models. Contact CS Access anytime to learn more about the lift mobility products available.

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