Home Lifts for the Disabled

Jun 23, 2017 | Home Lift | 0 comments

There are many reasons to get a new home lift. You might just need an easy way to move heavy loads regularly from 1 floor to another. Take the Trio, for example. An average-sized man weighs about 75 kilos. The lift capacity of the Trio is 220 kilos. That means that an average-sized man could move 145 kilos easily between 2 floors without wrestling with stairs or a hand trolley or even breaking a sweat.

How much more useful is such a home lift to someone who is disabled in some way? There are degrees of disability. Some people can walk around on normal floors and sidewalks just fine, but will have great difficulty in climbing the stairs. Others are able to walk aided by walking frames and need a way to take the walking frame with them between floors. Still, there are others who need to spend most of their time in a wheelchair, and will greatly benefit from a residential elevator.

Ranges of Disability

There are degrees of disability that range from simply having difficulty with stairs to needing a wheelchair most of the time.

CS Access provides some of the most high quality and compact home elevators in the world that will work in just about any building and in any space.

Also, installation is fast and easy thanks to their unique design.

No matter what the disability may be, CS Access offers a home lift solution to meet your needs.

Able To Walk but Will Have Trouble With Stairs

For those who can walk and get around mostly unaided but have trouble climbing the stairs, the Duo is perfect.

This compact, nonintrusive lift can fit nearly anywhere and can carry 2 standing people between 2 floors in perfect safety.

The Duo is the main choice for those who don’t use walking frames or wheelchairs, and comes in 3 versions: the Classic, the Vista and the Thru Car.

The Vista version is particularly nice since the majority of the body can be composed of clear structural polycarbonate, making it very inconspicuous and giving it an open-air feel.

The Duo is perfect for those with minor disabilities who just need help with moving between two floors.

Using A Walking Frame or Wheelchair

If your disability requires the use of a walking frame or wheelchair, or if you need to regularly move heavy loads between two floors, the Trio or the Midilift will be the perfect solution.

The Trio can carry 3 average sized adults with ease, or 2 with some luggage or 1 with some very heavy cargo, while the Midilift can easily carry 4 persons.

More importantly, the Trio or the Midilift is great for people who must stay in their wheelchair and need to take the wheelchair into the lift.

For such people and those who use walking frames, the Trio or the Midilift is the ultimate mobility solution to get from floor to floor. They are by far the most simple, easiest to use mobility solutions, perfect for someone who is very independent and likes to do things themselves.

To find out more about the Duo, Trio or the Midilift, check out their product pages and contact CS Access by phone or email now to find out more about mobility products we offer.

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