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If you have stairs in your home and you have a disability, your home may sometimes seem like a very unfriendly place. Also, as you age, you may become less able to climb the stairs in your house. When you use a wheelchair or experience diminishing mobility, compact home lifts from CS Access can provide you continued independence and freedom in your home.

Small Residential Elevator

CS Access offers a variety of elevators with a compact yet quality design along with a low cost of ownership. When you need a platform lift and a stairlift is not appropriate, consider a home lift model, such as the Duo or Trio.

No matter which model you choose, you can count on years of trouble-free service, low maintenance costs and low operation costs. Both the Duo and Trio vertical platform lifts are self-supporting, which reduces impact on your house’s structure. Also, it makes them relatively fast, cheap and simple to install.

Duo Home Lift

Trio Home Lift

Duo Home Lift

If you can walk or even if you use a wheelchair but are able to stand without help to use an elevator, the Duo is a great choice.

The Duo is a very compact elevator that can carry up to two people back and forth between two floors with ease and in total safety. Also, it is the smallest, most discreet and least expensive home lift available, which can be installed in virtually any small space you like. It takes up such a small amount of room that you could even install it in a closet.

Even more impressive, the Duo Vista variant incorporates a clear polycarbonate structural that makes it nearly unnoticeable within your home.

With its self-supporting design that uses twin rails to support the lift on either side of the elevator, the Duo’s design conveniently leaves the two opposite sides of the elevator open, so either side can be used as a door in the Thru Car version of the Duo.

This allows you to enter on one side of the elevator on one floor of your house and exit on the opposite side on another floor of your house. This feature is very convenient if you need to position the lift against a wall on the bottom floor yet allowing it to open up to a loft, balcony or staircase landing at the top on the other side of the lift.

As an added benefit, the Duo will not need any special wiring since it can operate on a normal 13 amp outlet like any other electrical appliance.

Trio Home Lift

The Trio shares much of its design features with the Duo, including a low-maintenance all-electric drive mounted in the top of the lift and a self-supporting structure that makes installation very cheap and fast compared to other designs. Like the Duo, the Trio also has a Thru Car variant that allows two sides to be used to enter and exit the lift. A Vista version is also available that provides doors that are made of a transparent material that blends in nicely and promotes a sense of openness in your home.

The main difference between the Duo and the Trio is that the Trio can carry up to three standing adults. It is thus slightly larger, with a more spacious platform and as such, is the smallest and lowest cost residential elevator that can accept a wheelchair or someone using a walking frame. If you install the Trio home lift, your home will be able to comfortably accommodate nearly any disabled person’s needs.

Midilift Home Lift

While the Midilift is the largest residential elevator of the 3 home lift models, it may not need to take up much space in your home. When space inside your home is limited, you can install an outdoor variant of the Midilift against an outer wall of your house, yet still very accessible from within your home. This way, you can get the biggest, most spacious lift offered with the highest weight capacity with nearly zero impact on the space inside your home.

The Midilift can carry up to four adults. Also, it can easily accommodate a person using a walking frame or wheelchair while at the same time allowing other passengers in the lift.

Also, you do not need to worry about the rain or outside dirt and dust, as the Midilift is built to withstand the elements and is well sealed to operate in any weather and any climate.

The Midilift comes in three sizes and shapes, so that you can more easily fit the variant of your choice into whatever space you have available. The Midilift is also suited for commercial and public applications, which makes it a very economical and attractive solution when you need to provide wheelchair access in any building.

When you need a home lift in Malaysia, CS Access is the company to call on for high-quality mobility solutions customized to suit your individual needs. If you need to install a new home lift in your house, search no further than CS Access. Contact our professional consultants who are ever ready to answer any questions you may have about our mobility services and products.

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