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There are so many companies offering mobility equipment such as wheelchair lifts, but only one of those companies provides solutions with the name, Stannah, whose products are known for safety, quality and reliability. CS Access offers several product lines that can easily handle wheelchair lift duty.

We offer inclined platform lifts as well as home lifts for indoor as well as for outdoor use that can carry a single passenger seated in a wheelchair up and down stairs easily and safely. Typically, you will not need someone else’s help to use these lifts, as long as you are able to press the buttons to operate the lift.

Logic & Slim Inclined Platform Lifts

CS Access offers two inclined platform lifts for home use that can handle curved or straight stairs indoors.

The Slim is particularly well suited for curved or narrow stairs indoors, while the Logic is a real workhorse that works on curved or straight staircases, and is also capable of outdoor use in whatever weather nature dishes out.


Logic Inclined Platform Lift

Slim Inclined Platform Lift

If for some reason, an inclined platform lift isn’t a good option for you, we also offer two residential elevators that can accommodate your wheelchair. The Trio and Midilift home lifts will not only carry you in your wheelchair with ease, but will also be able to carry three or four standing passengers as well, depending on the model. These are the ultimate do-all solutions that offer maximum flexibility.

Trio Home Lift

The Trio is a very compact and easy to install vertical lift for your home. It uses a system of two self-supporting rails located on either side of the lift. This design allows passengers to enter and exit through both the front and back of the lift with the Thru Car model. This is very useful when the lift is positioned next to a balcony or loft.

The Trio is able to easily transport a single passenger in a wheelchair or up to three standing passengers. Residential elevators are really great when there is more than one person in the home with a disability.

If climbing stairs is difficult but standing and walking is not, or if someone uses a walking frame, this home lift will be able to handle the varied needs of everyone in the home.

Midilift Home Lift

In circumstances where you would want your vertical lift elevator to be able to accommodate up to four people or a mix of a wheelchair and people standing, the Midilift is the answer.

The Midilift comes in three platform shapes and sizes, to better accommodate any building’s layout. The spacious lift can also accommodate a mix of people using various mobility aids simultaneously.

Also, if for some reason putting a lift inside your home or office isn’t acceptable or possible, the Midilift can also be located outside the structure it serves: you can get it installed against a wall to serve the people inside the building. The Midilift is designed to resist the cold, heat and the elements to provide you heavy duty and reliable performance for all types of weather.

Common Features

There are several qualities that our inclined platform lifts and home lifts share:

Battery backup for full functionality during an electrical outage
Intuitive, well-placed, easy-to-reach and easy-to-operate controls
High reliability and low maintenance design
Plenty of space for your wheelchair
Easy-to-access lift summoning buttons on each floor
Safety features to prevent harm to passengers or those around
Easy operation that insures independent mobility without the help of others

For the greatest flexibility, choose an inclined platform lift such as the Logic or the Slim, or a home lift such as the Trio or the Midilift to help you to travel between floors easily.

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