Wheelchair Lift For Stairs

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CS Access offers many mobility solutions to return freedom to disabled people and to improve their quality of life.

And when you want to stay in your wheelchair while riding in the lift, you have two excellent options: you can either get a home lift, like the Stannah Midilift or the Trio, which is big enough to handle most any wheelchair or for up to three standing passengers, or you can get an inclined platform lift that will easily transport you and your wheelchair up and down the stairs.

Read on to find out more about inclined platform lifts, their features, options and choices available.

Inclined Platform Lifts for Straight Stairs

Straight staircases are usually very easy to work with and any of our inclined platform lifts will work fine on such straight staircases.

Two models of inclined platform lifts are available:

Either one is a great, high-quality Stannah product, but they do have slightly different use scenarios.

The Logic was designed specifically for straight staircases. However, if there is enough clearance, the Logic can also be installed on curved staircases as well.  

Logic Inclined Platform Lift

The Logic is a big, wide heavy-lifting platform lift solution that works just as well outside the building as indoors. For outdoor duty and public use, it is equipped with weather resistant anodized aluminum rails and a powder coated metal frame and platform. Also, all the wiring, electronics, controls and motor are sealed against weather, rain and dust.

When using the Logic, you can press a button to unfold it from the wall. Once the platform lowers, you just roll up onto the platform in your wheelchair. Once positioned on the platform, you lower the powered safety rails with a push button also: the safety rails lower into place, surrounding you and your wheelchair to ensure that you can’t fall off during the trip. In addition, the edges of the lift will also rise up at an angle, cradling your wheelchair on all sides and guaranteeing that the wheelchair can’t roll off the platform. Once you have reached you destination, the powered safety rails rise out of the way and the platform flattens out again, and you can easily exit the lift.

No matter if it’s installed indoors or outdoors, you will probably want to keep the lift folded up when it is not in use. In the case of the Logic, that is push-button simple. When the automatic folding platform is up against the rails, it is very slim and tucks neatly out of the way.

Slim Inclined Platform Lift

Inclined Platform Lift for Curved Stairs

For indoor curved and narrow stairs, there is no substitute than the Slim inclined platform lift.

The Slim is, as its name suggests, much slimmer that most platform wheelchair lifts. It has all the same features as the Logic, except the drive system is designed slightly differently. There is no onboard traction unit, which allows it to be very slim and narrow, right up against the rails. The drive system is attached to and built into the rails themselves.

Because the Slim is optimized for narrow staircases, it will also able to work exceptionally well on curved stairs, where space in the turns is limited.

Common Features and Operation

The controls, wall mounted call stations, battery backup, safety equipment and features of the Slim and the Logic are virtually the same.

Both lifts have powered folding platforms and safety rails, and both can be equipped with a fold-down chair to ride on without a wheelchair.

If either lift should come into contact with an object unexpectedly, the lift will automatically stop.

The controls on both the Logic and Slim are well positioned and intuitive to operate. Operating either lift type is the same. It’s the drive unit and the rails that make them different.

Both the Logic and Slim inclined platform lift make it easy for you to travel up and down the stairs, especially if you are in a wheelchair. Contact CS Access to find out more about the inclined platform lift.

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